Lego 75947 | Hagrid’s Hut Buckbeak’s Rescue

Lego 75947, Hagrid’s and Buckbeak’s rescue is based on the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban film in its style and design, The scene depicts the rescue of the Buckbeak by Harry, Ron and Hermione while Hagrid attends to the Cornelius Fudge and the executioner, it has 496 pieces and contains 6 minifigures and its RRP is £49.99.

We have enjoyed many of the sets from the new ranges of Harry potter collection, this was the second series in the revamp, but it was great to have one of the buildings represented which again was a great plus for us. With the whole family loving Harry Potter, more than me to be honest, it wasn’t a stretch for us to make this a choice.

The Build

Hagrid is one of the more recognisable characters and thus mini-figures in the film and sets, and strangely has only been in one other set so far the Great Hall, which is more pricey than this set, however, he still looks fantastic with his brown and red clothes and light brown long coat, he has large dark brown hair/beard combo that essentially hides his entire face lol, the arms attach using technic which tends to be used for larger figures like hulk etc,

My only knock on this is the small legs, and weirdly they aren’t even the moveable version often used in this new wave of Harry Potter sets, he looks a tiny bit out of proportion but that’s just me being fussy, the coat would need to be longer etc, most people are seemingly fine with this set up. He carries a Lantern however he does have other accessories like his pink umbrella in the house.

Hermoine Granger mini is generally well done, the new version starting in 2018 has been well received with hair and far etc, and in this version, it doesn’t let it down, the inclusion of her pink jacket is spot on to the film aswell as the Magic Time turner, this is printed on and both are great additions.

Ron Wesley has an exclusive jumper on his version of the minifigure, it tries to represent the knitted jumper which is fine, it could be better though the lines to show it not fitting correctly is a neat touch, he like the other characters has a double face, I tend to use the worried grumpy one as for almost the entirety of the film collection he’s scared or grumpy.

Harry Potter mini-figure has been done already lots of times, and this is no different here but to be fair to Lego we seem to keep getting different tweaks to him, this one has a different blue jacket, its not a 100% to the film but again at least it’s different like the other two he comes with a wand, each one a different colour, his hair is still good and shows the scar, however one thing of note coming up is hair changes a lot between films, and it would be nice if they show that a little more, especially with more films yet to be covered.

Walden Macnair (didn’t know his name googled it) the executioner isn’t in any other sets obviously, however, his design is ok, the hood and black combo looks fine though his whole arms are shown, which isn’t a big deal, I don’t understand why they choose a smiling face for his design under the hood? I don’t think at any point he smiled…the axe though is fantastic with clever use of an ice skate to help the design, really close to the on-screen version.

Surprisingly Cornelius Fudge hadn’t yet appeared any sets to this point, so his addition is great! the suit and bowler hat are pretty good of a choice for him aswell as the face option, he only has one side and it shows his cowardly self.

Buckbeak is made but is also then attached to the pole in the pumpkin patch, he is a mould and appears in a blueish grey colour, it’s fine, it’s not exactly like the film and I understand is difficult but I don’t think the design is a little weak, his yellow eyes and claws look great though, alongside his ability to still move with wings, head etc, there is space for a mini-figure if you wish to tweak it.

The pumpkin patch is very easy to to make, the pumpkins were pre-done and places on the L shape design it a central wood-like pole, the chai is a good design and actually will go round Buckbeak and come off, which with the pieces they had was still a good design.

The huts are made in two parts and joined together, the larger one has far more detail, its construction is relatively easy with technic joints to support the roof, the classic dome shape looks great on both with a central peak, the outside of both has a leaf-like piece and a mixture of grey, brown and light brown to show its age etc, with stickers adding more detail.

On the inside of the larger one has some great detail, hanging appliances and aswell as a crate in the corner holds many of Hagrid’s things, aswell a small chair and table set up in front of the fire, which is arguably the best thing in here, the design of the fireplace with the use of the light brick is brilliant, as the fireplace lights up the Dragon Egg on it, these are all nice little references to the film.

The smaller ones obviously have less but the addition of a spider in the rafters again is a nice touch and nod towards the films, an overside chocolate frog is great along with a chest and writing desk, accompanied with paper, they slot together easily with a door leading to each other but remember these are half design homes, not a complete circle.


Overall Tigger found it very easy to do, the huts aren’t very big and not much intricacy and complications with its designs, only the roofs being a little fiddly to place, there are so many little touches in the hut for harry potter fans which are great, it isn’t to size, and if you have read previous posts, I don’t like half houses, however, this was adequate enough that I wasn’t too fussed about it once we finished.

The pumpkin patch was a great and clever design and Buckbeak generally looks ok and one of the best ever representations of these types of animals, the mini-figure selection is also in general very good, with almost everyone offering something new or different. The RRP is £49.99, and there would be a debate of whether it’s worth it, the piece count is low for the huts, they aren’t big, but there are 6! minifgures which is generally impressive for a set of this size and price, as well as Buckbeak that’s kind of the 7th as its a character, not a random,

So for me its a good set to buy, one of the better ones and I’m not put off by the price if you get cheaper than fantastic, my only criticism/question mark, it already has lots of mini-figures, but the scene is missing Dumbledore which is kind of vital because he’s the one distracting the minister and Executioner, so his absence is a little weird.



  1. Beth
    20 June 2020 / 1:54 pm

    This lego set looks amazing. My youngest two would love this. Might pop it on their birthday lists

  2. bryanna
    21 June 2020 / 2:03 pm

    how cool! I love Harry Potter, and we have one of the Lego sets from the game which was so fun to build. I imagine this would be great fun 🙂

  3. Valerie
    21 June 2020 / 2:51 pm

    I love Harry Potter! I haven’t seen this set here. It looks really great, I particularly like Buckbeak and the hut itself.

  4. 21 June 2020 / 5:28 pm

    We have just seen this set in Swanage and Eliza wants this and Hedwig

  5. 21 June 2020 / 8:18 pm

    I need to get this set for Jack – he currently has a few different sets from this collection and loves them!

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