Podcasts these days

Everyone seems to have a podcast or have been on a podcast, but to be honest I’m a little late to this podcast thing. I don’t have one myself but I’m finding myself listening to them far more now when I travel.

The phone was my key to Podcasts

My phone connects to my car very easily and I’ve begun to always have it attached. Using Fords Sync ability it’s straightforward, we have a family account on Spotify because, Roo, Boo and I listen to different things. I was bored of having Roo’s rubbish contaminating my list lol.

This has allowed me to start listening to podcasts in the car, I’ve always listened to the radio, and then begun to listen to playlists, albums etc.. But now I would often put one on. I hear this now tends to be the trend in America and here. 

But I’m debating what to listen too recently, these days as I said there are so many in all sorts of mama, I’m not sure what I want to listen to, do I want stories, real-life people, or celebrities, interviews, sport related ones, funny ones? It’s hard to know what to look for and what are good ones or not. But like social media in which there isn’t a straight forward, who should you follow, who’s the best, where do you find it? etc, you have to kind of find what you want, some people might have recommendations for you then great. 

Roo is becoming that age that I also wonder whether she will be listening to some soon, she being a teenager, watches Youtube, Tic Toc etc. but I’m unsure whether she will be listening to them. Do kids and teenagers listen to them in general? Is this a thing? I feel a bit old when I think of this stuff and kids and what they listen to.

But it’s a big choice out there, whatever you find works best for you if you find it easier listening at home or in the car then great. At home you have the option of many devices streaming, even Alexa enabled devices could do it. For me I’m still not sure what I want to listen to, I’m always open for suggestions. 


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