Why Dads Without Time for Hobbies Must Have Some!

Why Dads Without Time for Hobbies Must Have Some!, Family life is certainly not the easiest thing to navigate at the best of times and when you feel like you’re not doing your best you can potentially feel that you need to dig deeper.


But there’s also something to be said for stepping away. We have to remember that self-care is critical, and if you are not someone who likes the idea of sitting back and meditating but rather finding something that’s for you, you should wholeheartedly go for it. Hobbies are critical to every parent, and if you have no time for anything, here’s some reasons why you should prioritise having hobbies no matter how busy you are.

It Fires Those Creative Muscles

Being creative is critical to many people’s mindsets. It allows you to do something that goes beyond your typical daily structure. Even if you don’t like the idea of writing a novel, there are so many fantastic ways to be creative. The online game Politics & War, where you create a country and you rule it and have to make a number of political decisions is a great way to flex those muscles.

If you feel that you are constantly on the treadmill of life and you are not functioning at your best, giving yourself something creative and stimulating is an invaluable way for you to spend any spare time.

A Healthy Outlet

Maybe you’ve been seeing other parents play Call of Duty online or spend hours on Fortnite until midnight and wonder why they are doing this. The fact is that if you are experiencing daily pressures in your life you need a healthy outlet for your stress. An activity that you enjoy can help you to unwind and recharge. Recharging is not just about actual sleep.

We have to remember that if we’re trying to stimulate far better emotional well-being we’ve got to do those things that we love and if you are someone who spent your childhood playing computer games but it all fell by the wayside once you had kids they might be time to reacquaint yourself with those games of your youth!

It Teaches the Importance of Balance

It is something we can all neglect but the importance of having balance in life, especially by engaging in hobbies that we love, ensures that we keep burning out at bay because we are actively doing something that’s for ourselves. Spending a lot of your time focused on everyone else means that you’re not looking after yourself, which goes back to that idea of self-care. If you are looking for any reason to start a hobby, getting that balance in life is undoubtedly the best one.

It Sets an Example

If you ask someone that feels guilty for having hobbies, you have to remember that you can demonstrate to your children the importance of prioritising your well-being. It’s a very simple way of pursuing interests beyond your life duties.

We are living in a year of hyper fatigue, where we are being pulled in so many different directions, and if there’s anything we should understand in this current climate, it’s that hobbies are something that we should not neglect in the slightest.


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