How To Organise The Ultimate BBQ Perfect For Father’s Day

As Father’s Day is fast approaching, we can often wonder how to celebrate the day for dads. Mothers may welcome a lie-in, a nice cup of tea, and a bit of time to themselves. While dads may equally like the lie-in, I think it’s fair to say that we have to think outside the box a little.

A cup of tea won’t cut it. So perhaps thinking about something informal with the family could be a way to go, and a BBQ might just be it. It’s informal, it’s fun, it includes a lot of meat and a roaring grill, and it’s compulsory to have a beer while cooking, right? So I thought I would share with you a simple guide to having the ultimate BBQ. 

Father's Day

Get your nearest and dearest round for Father’s Day

Don’t just stick with you and the children, why not extend the invitation to grandparents, uncles, aunts, and friends. This could make for a great gathering and give you a chance to spoil a few dads in the process. Like your own. The more people that you get around, the more fun you can have.

Often people bring with them something, so spread the cooking around and nominate people for different things. One person could bring the salad; someone else could bring dessert. It could make the whole thing a much more relaxed thing, and it’s less work for you to do on the day. 

Think about what to cook and treat yourselves

The next thing to think about is what you want to cook on the BBQ. There are plenty of options beyond the burgers and sausages. Or perhaps get creative and create some kebabs with different combinations of meat and vegetables. You can even cook fish on the BBQ. There will be plenty of inspiration online. 

Don’t let any bad weather spoil the party

I know it might be difficult to enjoy yourselves if the weather isn’t too great but don’t let that spoil the party. The great thing about BBQ cooking is it can be enjoyed inside and out. You could also consider buying a gazebo if you were hoping to make more use of your outside space. You can place it over your patio area and a patio heater will always keep everyone warm while the food is cooking. 

Have some fun in the garden

A BBQ with friends and family is the perfect time for dads to spend some quality time with their children, young and old. Garden games are the perfect way to do this. You could consider playing a bit of soccer on the lawns, or perhaps something more adventurous. If you have a trampoline, this could provide hours of entertainment. Depending on how many people you have come.

Or how big your garden is you could even consider hiring something for everyone to enjoy like an inflatable castle or obstacle course. The main thing is everyone has fun spending time together, and BBQ can just bring the whole thing together. 

I hope this has inspired you to consider celebrating Father’s Day a little differently this year.


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