Diary From A Dad | April 2022

As each month goes by my Diary from a Dad look at what’s happening with our little family, through all the adventures, challenges and obstacles that come to our lives. As a family of 5, with 3 children at different ages every day, week and month can offer something different. The Weather was improving, the days were getting brighter and Easter was here! so what happened this month?


Easter Time

With the Chaos of the petrol crisis, this month meant that plans around the Easter holidays were a little disrupted, and wth us saving on money as well, we had a quieter Easter period. If you have read our Easter based on blogs in the past you will know we aren’t huge on Easter Eggs, don’t get me wrong the Girls love Chocolate! but for a few years now we tend to just one egg each, and for Tigger who doesn’t really do chocolate due to being a fussy eater, he normally has something else.

But with people giving Easter Eggs to the kids and us playing the bargains the day after we limit those Easter Eggs to one, but what we do instead is give them a present etc. With all of their birthdays in November and close to Christmas, this means for those people it’s a long time for anything, so this helps break up that time gap.

Unlike Xmas, we don’t go all out with gifts etc, it’s more conservative style gifts, especially this year with as being tight on money etc. But the kids still enjoyed their gifts, Tigger was based on Spiderman in a selection of smaller gifts along with some Books, Piglet had some nice LOL and other small things she had been eyeing up. Roo had a phone upgrade recently so we didn’t go big, however, some small jewellery and makeup were in her gifts.

As for Easter, we spent time together with films nights etc and generally being around each other, we did an Easter egg hunt starting from inside the house and leading out and around the garden. this is something we’ve done before and the kids enjoy it, especially Piglet, and we seem to be evolving it with different ideas and Easter decorations.

School count down is really on

As for the rest of the month, the kids were back at school and that realisation for Roo that she has one calendar year left of school and for Tigger he has only a couple of months left before Highschool! which makes us feel very old lol. Roo went out for one of her friend’s birthdays which was very much one of those first older birthdays, they went to the city, and restaurant as a group (some had alcohol, which wasn’t great) but it felt very much that she was getting to that older age.

Shopping smart

For Boo and I it was a normal month, work, blogs, and now garden…that’s our time lol, but as we try to save money and budget accordingly our trips to supermarkets and budgeting food etc is becoming a bigger thing, let’s be honest one of all of our biggest spends is Food. For us, a family of 5 that’s very true so using offers, reducing items and buying a bit more bulk and using our chest freezer, are very useful techniques for us. With all the other bills constantly going up it’s a way to try and save some money.

Next month sees Half term at the end of the month, some bank holidays and hopefully a couple of days out, boo is very busy but she’s arranging a time to spend with the kids in special days out.


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