Launch Off!: Exciting Ways To Promote The Launch Of A New Business


Thinking of launching a new business? Don’t wait until your business is up and running to start marketing. A pre-launch marketing campaign can be a great way to build up interest beforehand so that you’re getting a steady flow of customers from day 1. Below are just some of the most effective ways to promote the launch of your business. 

Launch Off!: Exciting Ways To Promote The Launch Of A New Business

Create a teaser video

Sharing a teaser video across social media could be a great way of building up excitement for your business. This video could show you preparing for your launch (such as decorating the interior of your new restaurant or packaging products ready for sale). It could even leave a sense of mystery by showing your product as a silhouette or showing your product being made but not showing the final result.

You can hire a video production company like Fable Studios to help you produce a high quality video. You should then pay to share this across social media for a week or two before your launch (make sure to mention the launch date in your video or in the text accompanying the post). 

Set a website countdown

Another fun way to build excitement for your product could be to set a countdown on your website. This can tell people exactly how long they have to wait before your product/service becomes available to purchase. You can hire a professional company to build this website or create your own website using a drag-and-drop website builder. Place the countdown on your homepage and use social media, emails and other mediums to direct people here. 

Launch Off!: Exciting Ways To Promote The Launch Of A New Business

Throw a launch party

Inviting people to a party to celebrate the launch of your business could be another fun idea. A launch party could be a memorable event with music, food and drinks in which you can spread the word of your business to key influential people. Such people worth inviting to your launch party could include fellow local business owners, local journalists and local council members. You can invite these people via email by searching for their contact details online. 

Build hype with posters and flyers

Putting up posters is in an old but reliable way to build up some buzz. This could include posters around your premises and posters on local notice boards. As for flyers, once you have found yourself the perfect company offering flyer printing in Vaughan, ON, or wherever you are, to get yours from, these could be posted through people’s doors, handed out to people on the street or strategically left in places for people to pick up. Just make sure that you target your posters and flyers in the right places where your target consumer is likely to see them. 

Launch Off!: Exciting Ways To Promote The Launch Of A New Business

Host a pre-launch contest

You could consider hosting a contest before the launch of your business that involves offering your product/service as a prize. The contest could be a raffle or you could ask people to name your company and give a prize to the person that comes out with the best name. You can use social media and flyers to spread word of this contest. This guide at Sprout Social offers a few more contest ideas. 


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