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Sea of Thieves is an open-world adventure game in which you sail the seas doing missions, sinking boats, facing a variety of enemies including NPC’s and other players! The Pirates life is one of many 3 contents to be added to the game and focuses more around Disney’s Pirate of the Caribbean aswell as some improvements to the whole game. It’s available on Xbox and now Steam! with Xbox it’s included in the Game pass for both PC and Xbox.

Sea of Thieves pirates life

From the Begining

I’ve played Sea of Thieves since the beginning with some small patches of taking breaks, however, the game has since taken massive strides within it, I’ve already done a post about it during its early days. At this point Sea of thieves released their 3rd season pass, in 2021 they moved to season passes like many other games, however, these are not paid for, they are free and you can earn lots of rewards by just doing the game but there is a paid part in which you can earn special rewards, to be honest, you really don’t have to pay, it’s only some more exotic skins.

The idea though of the season pass is to reward you for playing the game and is actually a good idea and is gives you a little focus on what to do, much like monthly ledgers where you can earn more rewards based on how much you have done with that faction, Merchant Alliance, Order of souls, Gold hoarders and now reapers.


As I said early at this point in the game it’s very different from the first year or two, most things that have been added have stayed so it’s created a collation of great content. With not only the new season pass and A pirates life added to the game, over the last couple of years Pets, fishing, events like such Ashen winds, Beardy (what we call him in the sky), the fort of fortunes, have all been added, there is always and event and the sky can tell you what’s on, let alone normal forts, Pirate ship fleet, and fort of the dammed are still there.

However, with all of these events it still has the normal Sea of Thieves danger…players! there still there and you have to be careful as in reality its not sea of friends, its sea of thieves and even though some might be nice, its more likely that another pirate will not be friendly and try to take your treasure and hard work fo the last hour or so.

But there’s no doubt that the Season 3 update with A Pirates life was their most ambitious undertaking since the beginning, and what was more stunning is knowone knew it came out of nowhere on short notice and the gaming world was stunned, it linked up with the biggest pirating franchise in Disneys Pirates of the Caribbean, which combined the two most recognized Pirate based pop culture franchises.

However, would it do justice? how would it fit? how does it link? Essentially it was another Tall Tale, the previous Tall tales were a way of telling a PVE story within the game that linked to certain events etc, some of these were good and simple, some were an epic adventure with battles and puzzles. However the Pirates life added 5 new tall tales but unlike the rest, these were all set in an instance-like area, which meant you didn’t have other players interfering in your fun.

Captain Jack

I won’t be going into detail as the story and surprises its part of fun and enjoyment, however it can be accessed by any outpost as on the beach area is a small tenting area with Calypso, her interaction will start the tall tale and you can see your progress and ones you have unlocked within the camp, like all Tall tales you can replay at any point which is helpful for unlocking all commendations and rewards, within the camp can be other characters based on what part you are up to.

The 5 parts are ofcorse about Captain Jack but its filled with many other characters from Pirates of the Caribbean and some recognizable ones from Sea of thieves, essentially your saving the Sea of Thieves, but I won’t say why and how as I don’t what to spoil it for you. The 5 tall tales vary a little in length and time but they are not a quick thing, especially if you take the time to do the commendations and take in the scenery, there’s lots of story and hidden little delights to find, there’s new puzzles, interactions, and enemies, as an added bonus the normal world has added these enemies aswell, Sirens, Ghosts, Crawlers have all been added so its not just skeletons to be feared around the Sea of thieves now.

The Standard

If I’m honest its a great addition, there is plenty of new things around now if you haven’t played it for a year or so, it is such a different game now and at times you are spoilt for choice, it is much better to rotate now what you’re doing unlike in the early days when you were a little limited. The Tall tales have been getting better as the game has gone on and the integrating of this Pirates life was fantastic, the use of characters you know in a unique story and voices that you will recognize is excellent.

There’s much more detail and design put into this than before and it makes a refreshing change for Disney to allow something like this that there not really involved in, but their property which now opens up so much in the future for other games. If you still haven’t played the game it’s a great time to start if your a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean like us then you should play it, it does it justice and you will enjoy the crossover.


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