DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of the Nine Realms + Giveaway

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Dreamworks Dragons, Legend of the Nine Realms is the latest story in the How to train your Dragon Franchise and is brought to you from Outright Games. This time it focuses on a tail within the Lore of Dreamwork Dragons, featuring Thunder the Night Light Dragon, and his friends. This game is released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, and Nintendo switch.

DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of the Nine Realms

This is great for How to Train your Dragons fans, we have had films, TV Series, and Games, but now we are exploring much more of the Lore of the Dragons. This is a great way to explore new characters and different Dragons if we remember from the Films and Games, there are lots more Dragons. This Action adventure, with a third-person top-down game, is about Thunder trying to reunite with his family but discovering and helping other dragons on his way.

What Outright Games say about DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of the Nine Realms

“Unleash your inner dragon and fly beyond the Hidden World, on your fiery adventure to rescue Thunder’s family and save the dragon kingdoms! Feel the wind against your scales as you soar and dive through unexplored realms. Use your speed, tail, and claws to defeat the worthy foes and gigantic dragon bosses that stand in your way. Level up Thunder and his friends to become the ultimate dragon heroes by choosing new unlockable skills and powers.

Only you can bring peace back to the inter-connected realms of ice, fire, darkness, and beyond. Stoke the flames in your chest and take to the skies – the future of the Night Lights, and all dragon kind, is depending on you!”

What we think of the DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of the Nine Realms game

Visually the game is beautiful with different zones to make your way through the game, though they might feel pretty similar with the top-down, third-person view, old school hack and slash angle, it does differently from different zones visually. The puzzles and Enemies though are ultimately pretty similar, however, depending on what dragon you use this came makes this easier. Speaking of which, as you go through the game you unlock 3 more dragons which you can switch at any time, this is a very hack-and-slash way of playing and works very well.

With these dragons you can slowly unlock and improve their abilities, this allows you to customise your dragons a bit more but at the very least make them stronger and different. Being a Hack and slash-type game it is using a lot of the same moves and buttons but that’s fine, and kids will find this easier to use than perhaps long complicated moves or building up damage etc like MMOs/RPGs etc.

Piglet found this is all pretty easy to get on with, she’s 7 and not new to Games but still this style of action, Hack and Slash are different, she quickly understood the buttons and as she went through using those different dragons. A good and bad thing is you almost constantly have commentary from our storyteller, it’s good because the Dragons don’t speak, so you need to explain what’s happening, but it’s bad because personally, it’s got a little irritating lol.

DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of the Nine Realms Trailer


I actually think this is pretty good, many other games and more adventure base, collecting, and puzzles, and this has this as well, but the choice of old-school hack and Slash is limited out there in games, so this gives a good break and something different. As I said visually and sound it’s solid, the gameplay is simple enough but still good, with unlocks and different dragons you can be a little bit more creative and challenging but ultimately fans of the franchise will enjoy this. Kids of 12 plus may find this quick and easy but for kids less than that, it’s a good entry-level into these games for the future.

Win a copy of DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of the Nine Realms on Nintendo Switch

To help you explore the world of DreamWorks Dragons, I am fortunate enough to have a copy of DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of the Nine Realms on Nintendo Switch to giveaway.

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DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of the Nine Realms (WTDS)

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