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Our Top 5 Xmas Films

We are big film fans, most weeks we enjoy a family Film night, and Xmas time is no different. We change our weekly film to Xmas films normally in November, however, to be honest even during the day when we often have films in the back round, especially with Piglet. So for us what are our favourite Christmas films? The Order isn’t exact, as there was too much debate in our household in which is the favourite here’s a rough order lol but at least the 5 is pretty set


Starring Will Ferrell from 2003 is about a Human raised by Elves searching for his Dad, and then adjusting to his life, in which he brings the Family closer together. For me it’s great, I personally love this more than anyone else in the house but we do like to watch this every year. Tigger Loves the belching, makes him laugh so much, its just a solid good Xmas film.

Arthur Christmas

Piglet loves this one, its a British based animated film from 2011, which some big-time British Actors, in which it follows the lives of the Santas, old and New with the crowning of a new Santa, but with a present missed, adding fun and enlightenment for them. Boo Tigger and Piglet watch this fairly regularly, I think Roo was a bit old and didn’t really get into it as much, I’m fine with it, and it’s aged very well.

The Grinch (that stole Christmas)

The Jim Carry One! We love this version, it’s personally one of my favourite Christmas films …full stop. The Recent Animated one was fine, it was good and for some, probably Piglet, this would be the version but I’m pulling rank. I’m a big fan of Jim so this does no wrong in my eyes. I like the story, I like the real/over the top Dr Seuss versions, and he goes all out in this one.

Home Alone 2

I’ll be honest, I’m overruled by this, its fine, the film is fine, However Boo, Tigger and Roo all love this film, way more than any other version (not that we ever count 3 onwards in our mind), this is an absolute must for them to watch every year and was almost the first one requested this year. The film ultimately is more of the same from the firsts, not a big deal but hey ho, this time he’s in New york.

Polar Express

Probably Number 1 in our house, thus the last position, all of us like it for lots of different reasons, I’m a huge Tom Hanks fan…so guess what I like it. But animation, Story, songs, are fantastic, it’s a slow comforting warm loveable Xmas film. Tigger and Piglet love trains so this perhaps tips this over the edge for them.


If it was just down to me and/or Boo then this list would be different, there are some above that one of us likes more than the other etc.i  like Home Alone more than Home Alone 2, but with us we both love…

Love Actually

Bad Santa


National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Four Christmas

Let Alone there are other films that could be there like Santa Claus the Movie, The Holiday, New years eve, Fred Claus, Christmas Chronicles, Muppets Christmas Carol, DIE HARD!! , Zak and Miri for us is a Xmas watch and no doubt countless more I’ve missed, but its a tough game to decided 5 and is a massive debate for families.

what’s your top 5?

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  • Reply Eddie

    Great Post, we love nothing more than getting quilts and pillows, all snug watching a Christmas Film, our girls list would be pretty much the same as you listed, for me it has to be

    1. Scrooged
    2. Muppets Christmas Carol
    3.Home Alone
    4. Santa Claus (Tim Allen)

    The Mrs spends alot of her studying time when girls are in bed watching the dramatic romantic Christmas films that Prime have to offer.

    22 December 2019 at 11:28 am
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