Christmas 2020

Its Christmasssssss! normally Christmas is the best time of year for us and can be a busy and celebratory time of year, with so much happening this year, obstacles, Tiers, lockdowns etc… how would we be able to celebrate it? how would we feel about it? what could we do? so many questions this year in such an unusual one.

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Some Decorations

I’ll be honest for me as I talked about in my Covid lockdown diaries, I’ve been on a bit of a downer in December, and I will try to be positive and upbeat in this post but naturally, everything was just up in the air. So as we approached it I focused on the decorations, every year we look at adding to our collection, much like Halloween I try to buy bargains to add, this year we didn’t add any, partly because we could go to shops for most of the time, but also we were low on money also so I took the decision to not add.

Which did decorate the house but in retrospect I do think we did it at a level down to our normal level, the outside was ok, I was hoping to add to my snowman, tree display etc but I haven’t, long term I want a big display much like a scene but all in white.

One set of lights didn’t work so they were binned lol, but luckily its one of 3 that I didn’t always use, but I did use a different set of lights to light the path around the edge of the front property, I’ve also hung some lights in the back within the fencing to light up the back this is actually something I might keep up and replace the old solar panel lights that dint work anymore, the rest of the decorations was pretty normal including out yearly purchase of a Christmas cookie tin and Christmas musical toy ornament (fluffy character).

It was a little disjointed Christmas with both Boo and I working, our area being Tier 4, not being able to see anyone etc our time all together was limited, all 5 of us being in the house at the same time was low and had to wait to Xmas day onwards, thus one of the reasons why I came of social media for a few days to spend time with the kids etc. With all this being said food prepping was tough, between us we did all the normal Xmas dinner food purchase, we like what we like

.so ill be honest we just get the same stuff as we normally do lol, but I do like to look for bargains and I try and do something different on boxing day and we eat junk on Christmas eve, this year saw us get a pizza deal from Tescos, we get discount and its actually quite nice, we tried it earlier in the month and had a picnic-style event in the lounge as that’s what Piglet wanted again so we have a picnic-style watching a Xmas film.

Christmas Day

Christmas day came and went and I think the kids had fun, we had some pastries, opened some presents, had lunch, opened more presents, and just spent time chilling out and spending time with each other. The kids seemed happy with their presents, Roo is getting much older now so makeup etc is more her scene, we got her an Apple Mac, it was a big purchase but we were planning due to her approaching her exams etc but with everything that’s happened and more homeschooling then it made sense for her to get one, already into the new year she has to use it due to her school returned delayed.

Piglet got an assortment of toys, we had been shopping for bargains the last couple of months and with the Amazon shopping list, friends and family were able to get toys that she wanted. As for Tigger, he’s approaching the teenage years and is one of the last Xmas of that kid feel to it, so he had a mix of the type of presents, I managed to buy a PC from a mate who upgraded, it was still ok and played most games he would want to, and I got it at a good price.

Tier 4

With Tier 4 and the shops, I found it difficult to get my normal party bargains for boxing day, but in reality, was just nice to have some time with the kids again, we watched some films played some games, but in reality, it was all muted, the celebration was muted and what we did was muted, it was an odd Christmas, and for many, I get they were probably upset with not being able to see certain people or do what they normally do.

And then there were others that did just do what they want and didn’t care about the rules, and for us, it could have been worse, that’s what I’m holding on to, it could have been worse, we were still together as a family it was still nice, people will have made the most of it, we did …sort of, it will probably be weird looking back at this Xmas and to think about what happened and what it was like.


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