My Top 5 Sci-Fi Films | On Earth

Sci-fi films are one of my favourite genres, they are fantastic, they can also cover a lot of ground in the story, genres and locations, they are often some of the biggest films in history and are an excellent viewing at cinemas and your own home cinema, however with all this being said we focused on Sci-fi films set on Earth.

I do love a good sci-fi film and I broke the lists down to 2 halves, one on earth and other in space, however, in reality, it’s such a big genre and I’m such a fan of it I could have spread it further, likewise, when I look back at my list I did some tweaks as a couple of o films on other lists and I wanted to showcase it a bit more, but trust me this was easily the hardest list I’ve had to do of any of them.

Blade Runner

It’s an excellent film, even the second one, my friends who are all nerds had this as there number 1 on almost of them, I don’t personally rate it quite as high as them but it’s still a damn good film, groundbreaking in its day, even the second ones are stunningly beautiful, but the original is excellent, Harrison ford is great in it.

Jurassic Park

One of my favourite films and franchises all of the time, if you ever read my blog you will know I love dinosaurs and I love Jurrasic park, the first was groundbreaking when I watched it at the cinema, and have loved it ever since, I watch at least once every year, many people have watched it, it was groundbreaking it graphics and animatronics on dinos, every dinosaur thing gets benched to it, that in its own self is the standard.

Edge of Tomorrow

A little surprising? well yes, and no, I really like this film, it’s not an all-time classic like some of the others around on the list, and perhaps would be the first one id replace with my alternatives but its excellent, very different, and one of Tom Cruises best films, it really is great.

Rise of the planet of apes

Now I missed and wasn’t fussed about the first time around with Planet of the apes, don’t get me wrong it’s probably great in peoples opinion, but with the advancement of graphics etc the trilogy of the modern-day ones was excellent, each one was fantastic, and the acting and computer physics side of it with Andy Serkis rightfully still is praised now, but the story was excellent, and actually quite believable in the fact that we started it with testing etc, much of it was believable in how the world has gone.


Just think is about 20 years old! shocking, but with that said it’s still one of the best Sci-fi films there’s been, a 4th should be coming soon which might restart another trilogy, but in its day it was groundbreaking and still is, for me, I loved it, right up until Neo walks into the room with the monitors and the end of 2, which for many out there is also the part where from then on it all goes a bit wrong, but needless to say, it was still great, and the first film is still iconic.


Like I said earlier it’s the hardest list for me, I’ve missed so many, I’m in no doubt this list will be different for many people, and it changed several times, it gained a 6th alternative as I wrote it, many of these films are ones that I watch every year and some of my favs, and they can be so varied, so different, some people won’t watch them because they are Sci-fi but there’s always more to them and often worth a watch.

An alternative list of films that could be on it.

Inception | excellent film, very different but good

District 9 | This again was unique and i still enjoy it now

Terminator | T2 is one of my favourite films of all time, don’t mistake how much I love it because it’s on the alt

Minority report | A really clever and solid Sci-fi film, excellent at the time

Back to the future | Arguably my favourite of all time, I just thought it was nice to have something different on the list for a change lol.

Ready player 1 | This is one of the best Sci-fi films for a while and for my groundbreaking because this, in reality, is very lifelike how gaming could be in just a few years, an excellent watch.


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