Fathers Day Gift Guide | What I would like

As fathers day approaches many bloggers and influencers do Gift guides, many of them can be useful and some…not so much, this year ill be honest, I just did one for myself and the things I like, don’t get me wrong I won’t get everything, but I’ve also kept it realistic, we would all like money, houses holidays, cars etc..but I can’t see my little kiddies getting these lol.

So what would I like? being a gamer, film buff, Sportsman, AFOL, there are many subjects that could be covered, many of them from pop culture, and on the flip, I realise for some they would find this tough to narrow down on what to buy, in the past on any occasion we have asked for Gift Cards as often its easier for us and easier for others because if you didn’t have anything exactly in mind it would be difficult to make the decision.


Lego is often an easy one for me, we have a site where we collect what we own, so there’s not a doubt about what I still need, over time my collection has narrowed as I’ve begun to like certain series and individual sets. Harry Potter, LOTR, Star Wars, Expert, Lego Ideas, Marvel are all ones that we have continued to collect, alongside the odd individual set that we like the look at, however with this range of sets it means is often an easy thing to find as there are always more on the horizon.

Liverpool FC

FYI I’m a Liverpool supporter, and I have been for over 30 years, which at times has been hard, and I’ve been very quiet this season as we may finally get a league title back, after being close a couple of times and throwing it away. However for Fathers days presents it means there are lots that I can be given, like most Sporting Teams there are tons of merchandise out there, and if you know anyone who likes sports, they will always enjoy it

Mystery boxes

To be honest, you can get a whole range of pop culture items for people, if you know what they like etc, and these days there are so many sites and shops that do collectables, gifts etc. I personally like Marvel, LOTR, Deadpool, Southpark, Family guy, Rock and Morty etc… however, mystery boxes add some fun to it, on my blog you will see a variety of reviews from different suppliers and you can see the range, so if I was getting it as a present then this adds to the fun of it all.

Gift Cards

Like I mentioned earlier Gift cards can often be a great tool, and maybe even more so this year with Lockdown, but for many they are easy and less stress, both for the person receiving and the person buying it, we have always got a proportion of gift cards as presents, even for birthday and Xmas as it allows the kids to make there own decisions etc. However for my fathers day, I’m happy for the gift cards, I’m a bargain hunter so I look for things at the right price, whether it be clothes, gifts, lego etc so having those gift cards are great.


We are all gamers in our house, Tigger, Roo and I especially, know doubt Piglet will be as she gets older, but with Boo she will also play the odd game she enjoys, however, I’ve been playing for years and years. I certainly play it less than I use to but I do still play it with friends an the kids, for the friends part its the way we still stay in contact and keeping up sometimes with there games choice on PC etc can be tough, so again games as a present on Steam Money etc, can often be a very useful idea, in the past I’ve bought a game and that has been the kids present to me, (as you know yo plan all your presents when the kid are young), this has saved me money, often Fifa is a birthday present as my birthday falls in September, near the launch for Fifa.


There are obviously other stuff I could have, biscuits, sweets, Drink etc are fine presents and often easy ones, boo sometimes thinks out of the box and I can get something pretty cool and different, but in reality, just having the kids with me that day is often enough in my eyes, we might go out for a meal, spend a day out etc, but this year it won’t really happy, just a film night and some takeaway, with hopefully some of these presents if they get any, my own personal gift guide.

Whats your own personal gift guide?



  1. 17 June 2020 / 2:29 pm

    A great selection of gift ideas for Dad, I do love the mystery boxes and they have a huge selection of themes x

    • 18 June 2020 / 7:54 pm

      There are so many gift ideas for fathers day. I like mystery boxes as I think it is a great surprise gift.

  2. 17 June 2020 / 8:48 pm

    Some great gift ideas. My partner would definitely enjoy anything gaming or LEGO related for sure!

  3. 18 June 2020 / 9:36 am

    Some great choices there buddy. With you on the games. Not much of a pc gamer but xbox mainly. From your previous posts you can tell your a massive lego fan so that’s a given really. The mystery boxes sound a good idea.

  4. 18 June 2020 / 9:51 am

    Great to hear some fathers day gift ideas from a man’s point of view for a change. We have a great Lego shop in Cardiff but some of those kits are eyewateringly complex. You must have a lot of patience. (I’m thinking of the Millennium Falcon for a start).

  5. Rhian westbury
    18 June 2020 / 10:13 am

    I know if we had kids my partner would appreciate games as that’s his escape and his way to relax so great ideas here x

  6. 18 June 2020 / 10:55 am

    I am sharing my birthday with fathers day this year (not fair), but there are some great suggestions here

  7. 18 June 2020 / 11:15 am

    My husband would’ve loved to receive anything gaming related. He’s a huge gamer and loves to play with his kids all the time.

  8. 18 June 2020 / 9:04 pm

    It is nice to hear what a dad really wants, like my husband your lists are similar. The football merchandise and gift card comes high on his list as well.

  9. 23 June 2020 / 8:16 pm

    Oh I hope you did receive something nice for Fathers Day, I always find Fathers Day really difficult!

  10. Susan B
    28 June 2020 / 12:21 am

    An interesting list and good to see one from a guy. I hope you received some items from your list last weekend.
    I come back to bloggers’ gift lists many times each year when I struggle to think of ideas for birthdays and special occasions. ‘

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