Gaming for Me!

Through the years I’ve played all sorts of games, being in the gaming industry for most of my adult life I’ve been around them, talked about them, sold them and played them. As I’ve got older I’m definitely playing less than I used to, partly because I’m busy now more, but also my desire to play games has decreased. 

With the kids though, it has allowed me to play different games that I perhaps wouldn’t have played, certainly nowadays. The kids have a switch, ps3, ps4, Xbox one, tablets, Ipads, and in the past 360, ds,Wii. I have a ps4 and gaming pc, in the past, I’ve also owned some of those, and of course, play the Xbox One. 

If I look back and analyse my favourite Games it’s very difficult to narrow down to a top 5 or 10, much like my music and film taste where I cannot choose my top 10. I can only go close when I categorise that list for example. But if I look at some of the games I’ve put the most hours in, this includes World of Warcraft, Fifa, Football Manager, Rainbow 6 siege, civilization, Minecraft, Guild Wars, Elder Scrolls Skyrim, assassins creed, LOTR battle for middle earth, command and conquer, Minecraft.

Gaming Online more

Like the gaming industry where online Multiplaying is far more prominent, myself has moved more on to online gaming. This was large because my friends have moved around the country, and thus one of the main ways I stay in contact, is with gaming. This is now a big part in my choices and the way we stay in touch, with the exception of FIFA, which I find as a great game I can pick up for 30 minutes and pop back down again.

They tend to do more PC gaming, so I do far more of that, we seem to have skipped Past the PUBG and Fortnight phase, which is good, same with COD and Battlefield. We’ve only played them on and off now, We do try and vary it up, with Ark, forest. VR is becoming a much bigger thing and some are moving on to it. 

Meanwhile, sometimes when the kids aren’t around, I still just like to kick back with online casinos for a quick hour of relaxed enjoyment. I’d never play with big stakes, which is why items like this bingo promo code are great. Nonetheless, the ability to bring the casino or bingo hall to your living room (or man cave) is a wonderful thing. Especially when you don’t want to get dressed up for the occasion or spend £8 a pint.

For the majority of our online time, though, it’s about multiplayer games with real-life friends.

The Future

I do wonder what the future holds, PC gaming is expensive, my time is less and less, and my passion is getting less. I need a game to grip me, offer me something different, but for the short term I Will continue to multiplayer with the kids. In a way, I hope Tablet and mobile gaming gets me more involved, as there are moments when I have the odd time, but not enough to load up a game and get engrossed But what are other people’s favourite games? How do they manage there gaming time with kids in the house?


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