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Geek Gear Mystery Box | Resurrected Box, Geek Gear is a company that brings Harry Potter items together with Boxes and Subscriptions, this focuses on all things a little spooky, including items from Prisoner of Azkaban among other references etc… but what type of items do we see here, what examples are they out there for Harry Potter Fans.



There is a more spooky side of Harry Potter, and this focuses on some of their examples, it can be magic, story-driven, upbeat, funny etc, but there are some more frightening parts and nods and references to the Horror genre which is perfect for Halloween time. But with this variety of items could there be something for all? let’s see.

Something Wicked This Way Comes | Tee

This Tee is bright Orange and has a selection of spooky items on it, this could easily be nothing to do with Harry Potter and just a great Halloween T-shirt, but it still a nice slogan and a good Tee.

Licensed and Exclusive | Thestral print

The Thestral is a mysterious Creature in the World of Harry Potter and is a great example for this spooky season, they are naturally a bit scary, but this side on pic is perhaps a little disappointing. To me it doesn’t pop, it could have been a better style pic but it’s fine, the colours a good though.

Wizarding World | Vitruvian werewolf Medallion

This medallion is pretty neat and is double-sided, one side is about the lycan and the other side is about the mood cycle etc.. its excellent, a big part of Prisonal of Azkaban but in Horror and Halloween history its been done good.

Wizardry Villain Mask Wax Seal Kit

These Wax seal kits are often excellent, a white wax with a red seal is a lovely display piece, in reality, you would use these in modern days but look good for display, they sit well with your books etc.

Wizardry World Graveyard Reaper Pin

This graveyard pin is lovely and if you a fan of pins in your collection it does look good, again something that could be easily not a Harry Potter thing, however, fans will also like the nods to Goblet of fire and Riddle Grave.

Wizardry World Resurrect the Foe Collectable Coin

Coins are a big deal, and for many, they are big collectors and can be a great collection across many pop culture topics. They often look Sharpe and this one is no different, as it holds a nod to Goblet of fire and Resurrection of Voldemort

Wizardry World Voodoo Shrunken Hard Ornament

Voodoo Shrunken head is very rarely touched in Harry Potter, it gets mentioned with the knight bus, but in reality, Voodoo is a big thing and it’s a shame its only glossed over, however, to have a replica-style shrunken head is excellent. Fans of Beetlejuice and Harry Potter will greatly appreciate this and actually make a good Halloween display item.

Wizardry World Hand of Glory Replica

The Hand of Glory is a really good obscure Harry Potter item, it’s a dark artifact which allows light only for the person holding it, which is owned but Malfoy in the books, It is a great addition and once again is a Halloween esc item.


There are some really good references and not obvious ones that people would have chosen, some of the finishes are excellent and actually can be used for Halloween displays normally. But in reality, Harry Potter fans should like this, it’s not the magical happy style items, its the darker edge that doesn’t get shown as much, it’s a different style Harry Potter but its still good.


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