Loot Crate – February 2019 Transformation

Loot crates are one of the leading companies behind the direct to house boxes that can contain an assortment of items, towards a particular genre or film, TV etc… This one was from February 2019 and based around Transformation!

This was technically the first Loot crate branded one we went for, as we thought about different ways in treating the kids if they have been good for the month etc.. However, after now dealing with them a few times, I’m quickly realising in my experience you don’t receive the loot crate in a timely fashion, or even close to the month they say its for. (but that’s a story for another day) 

In the Crate

The crate (cardboard box) received was about Transformation and the loot focuses on that, they are celebrating the adaptable characters in pop culture who have defied the odds and evolved to become heroes in the own right. Features such characters as Hulk, Naruto Shippuden, Transformers. 

Inside the crate you also receive a handy book, this explains the box and talks you through each product. Half of it feels like advertising but the detail is relatively good. It’s also has a top 5 most dramatic Transformations and a brief rundown about it. 

The Angel Awakens into a warrior! Focuses on Alita Battle Angel! As you receive an Alita pin, from the Flim that was released by Fox. Roo wanted this. 

Next was a 3D comic standee that perfectly depicts what hulk does best! Smash through things. The incredible Hulk standee does like good, a comic book would have him drawn as breaking through the front and the title etc. It’s well done and made to a good standard, Tigger is a big marvel fan and likes Hulk a lot so he had this. 

Next was one of the most popular and prolific manga and anime characters/series in history. Naruto Shippuden is still highly recognisable and favoured by fans all over the world, not just in Japan. We are not massive fans but even I knew who he was lol. A glass with his design on it is in the crate and is a good quality item, again even if you weren’t the biggest fan the glass is nice. 

The massively popular Adventure Time enters next! Another big pop culture series in which a human boy Finn and his Magical dog and best friend jake (who transforms) go on adventures the land of the Ooo. To celebrate this, a Tee is inside celebrating the multitude of dimensions in which the land of Ooo resides. It came in my size, so I have it. Colours are fine and I’m cool enough to pull it off lol. 

A transformers double side oversized card is the last item inside, it’s still a playable card for the trading card game and is of Omega supreme, who can transform into a rocket, tank and base. I’m a little disappointed with it, I thought a transformers type thing would be inside based on the Crate, but a card for us was a little rubbish. I’m sure for others this is great, but not ideal for us, Tigger though has kept it and still has it on the display so maybe I’m wrong. 

Lastly, in a unique twist, the crate itself can be turned inside out and constructed into an oversized fist for Hulk! Which Tigger had great fun building and using to smash his way around the house (not literally)


Overall the crate was fine, not sure about Alita being in the same standard as the rest but the film is new. The hulk stuff was fantastic where as the transformers card was a bit naff. Naruto glass and adventure time glass were arguably worth the money as then alone is probably the same price as the crate in total and they are good quality. Loot crate service is a debate for another day. 


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