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Piglet is now 5, and I’ve previously written a post about her being adventurous, she’s a fearless soul and will often push the boundaries, but alongside this shes very independent, and we’ve noticed over the last 2 years that she is that classic creative child.

Still a social girl

She is a social girl, she loves spending time with friends and her family, especially Tigger as she will nag him until he plays with her, however, she can be quite an independent girl when playing, there are countless times that she will go off and play with her dolls and figures, and she does that stereotypical girl thing in creatives stories and playing with them, now you could say that’s nothing new? in many ways your right, but these days a lot of kids have lost that edge on it.

Even Tigger and Roo were not at the level of playing with there dolls and figures like She is, kids are often in that technology age when their growing up, so sitting and spending time with the toys is getting less and less, if we are honest we are all guilty of that as parents, I don’t think Roo and Tigger were over the top on Technology but they don’t seem to have that same level of play feel that Piglet now has.

Roo was more of a puzzle and book girl, Tigger was more of a train boy, Piglet though is a creator, she loves to draw and make, she loves to colour and paint. We’ve had countless stickers books, colour books and sheets that we have printed off, let alone every day she brings stuff back from school.

She is very happy just sitting colouring, and she will do this most days, what she really likes is a box, something blank that she can just colour and do stuff on, why kids love boxes so much will always surprise me, but she is one of them, ones that she can sit in? well there are her favourites, she just loves to sit in and draw all around it inside and out, if Boo gets something delivered and the box is substantial one of the first comments will be her asking for the box.

A Box

With this creating and colouring and using boxes, some of her favourite things to use with them is Pets, it might be because we dot have any pets in the house (well fish…), so in her creating and crafting she has made many little houses etc for her pets, especially her rabbit or dog. There’s been forts, Beds and a selection of housing type things for them, she will use her blankets and tuck them in etc, but it wasn’t just the cuddly toys it was a selection of different toys in these.

From school, she continued to bring home a variety of objects that shes ade, colours, stickers using the traditional school stuff, tubes rubbish etc… and even on this day we continue to get something every day and they can be random as anything, as a parent I, of course, love them and think their great…but some I’m thinking what? I don’t let it deter her though.

I’m so pleased that she is how she is, she’s very different o the other to and as I said she is far more creative than them at their age, she will happily go off and draw, colour build whatever, even in some of the tech stuff that shes saw or touched she likes the drawing and the creative games, when she plays with Tigger she will boss their time together and she will create some sort of game using her toys etc….he doesn’t get a choice lol, but her imagination can be interesting.

I hope this continues as she grows and I’m quite confident that she will be independent, there’s no doubt in that lol, but I hope that creative mindset is there, the others are good but they dot have her flair and creativity so I’m optimistic.


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