Lego 76109 Antman and the Wasp, Quantum Realm Explorers.

Lego 76109 Ant-man and the Wasp set is based on the second Ant-man film, there was also 1 set based on the first film. In the lesser Marvel films there tends to be only 1 or 2 sets done (if any lol). I actually really enjoyed the two films, I am a marvel fan but I do think these films are pretty solid.

Lego 76109

We are big fans of Marvel, and the MCU in particular, the first Antman film I think caught a lot of people unaware of how good it was, the second one was more of the same. With Lego sets we had the normal smaller release of sets, one in the first film and one here, but this included the main characters from the Antman and Wasp film.

Table of Contents

The Set

This set features Ant-Man, The Wasp, Ghost, Quantum Realm Explorer craft. The main characters from the film and the craft needed to explore the Quantum Realm (no spoiler). I would have prefered some more mini-figures and maybe another set or vehicle. There are several characters that have not been in either set so far.

This is a cheap set, so I understand the lack of content but a second set or at least a bigger one would have been acceptable, let’s be honest they aren’t doing several sets of the films, so the chance to get more is low and thus I would have happily spent more money.

The Build…

Bag 1 sees the bases of the craft, along with the trophy and Antman himself. Ant-man looks good, pretty similar to the other sets. Tigger jumped to him as he often finds the mini figures the best. The craft is basic with some grappling hooks and risers to lift it.

Bag 2 sees Wasp and Ghost, this is the only set that sees these mini figures so well worth it. Wasp comes with additional wings to emphasise the difference. As they retract in the film and not always obvious that they are there. Ghost is pretty cool in the film and her design is good. I don’t quite understand the iron man/thor attachment to her hands but hey ho, The craft once complete looks good, the build is again relatively easy for Tigger to complete.

The traditional guns at the front and a triple looking exhaust at the back were fine. I think the front at the cockpit looks the best, with the globe like looking glass around the cockpit and Minifigure inside is easily the best thing. The claws though now look a bit small compared to the front.

Our Thoughts…

Overall these sets tend to be pretty good and capture much of the film. I think this one is a slight let done however the mini-figures look great and the craft is fine. I would have prefered double the price and much more of a film set piece going on, along with a couple more mini-figures. But the price is cheap and is great to add to your Marvel collection, as it did mind along with my other Antman set. 


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