Lego 75270 | Obi-Wan’s Hut

Lego 75270 Obi-Wan was released in 2020 and set in Tatooine, it’s one of the smaller Star Wars sets of the year with just 200 pieces including the Hut and 3 mini-figures, featuring Obi-Wan, Luke Skywalker and Tusken Raider, lastly, R2D2 completes the set, its RRP is £24.99.

With Star Wars, Tigger and I love it and myself has seen all the films, TV, and have several Star Wars sets, Tatooine is up there in planets that I wanted to collect sets from, and this recently I was starting to build enough for the planet (more to come), but I didn’t have this Hit yet, and weirdly with all the sets, locations, building and vehicles, since 1999 we were yet to see this? but here we are with one of the first locations seen in the history of Star Wars.

Luke Skywalker

One of the oldest Lego Minifigures that hasn’t changed much in reality, and recently this version has settled into the figure for the modern age, one of the main differences nowadays in the belt and the legs, the print shows of the robe type clothes, whereas the belt is quite bright compared to the white torso, his hair is very good and close tot he character and the head is plain, but that’s how it should be.


R2D2 joins Luke from his home on his visit to “Old Ben” the droid design has actually also not changed much over the years, and he’s been around every year in the same way, this version is the latest and features a more chrome finish to the helmet and the prints and slightly larger and clearer but in reality for many, there’s not much difference.

Tusken Raider

I was pleased to have him in it though he doesn’t actually fit the scene but that’s harsh because they encounter them on the way, the Headpiece was still a relatively new addition to the character and it looks great, I don’t see how they can be improved, the rest is all new with the change in the torso and as ever recently the prints on the legs, this seems to be a big focus recently for Lego on the legs, but even with the changes to perhaps the last one, its still great to get and o find it tough to improve on it.


It’s his house….he was tweaked recently and the previous set including a cap and hood etc, and I’m surprised he doesnt here, but as a show of difference I’m happy with it all, the characters looks great and the headpiece looks fantastic, no print on the legs randomly….both he and Luke come with a Lightsabre which is fine.


The build itself is very easy and even a kid like Tigger can whizz through it really quickly, its a very simple shape and design, in the films it’s not very big and I get it, there are two smaller plates that open out so you can see the inside, all this set on a sand colour plater, both the light colour and dark colour sandy brown is used throughout as you would think, from the outside the dome that sits on top looks good and has no door, just some steps down, I think they found it tough making a stone cave building standing alone, thus you see a couple of holes around almost showing a little bit incomplete.

Inside white and dark brown makes up the interior, this standsout very well compared tot he neutral sand colours, much like the outside in its plain but shabby design the inside also looks quite simple showing the lack of items and luxury things accompanies the once-great Obi-Wan, but the things that do stand out is the training robot with three lasers, and the projected image of Princess Leia, the translucent blue Leia looks excellent, a couple of storage boxes complete the small inside.


Its a small set, foremost and thus it’s limited to how big and what it has, but what it does is generally good, the Minifigure choice is also very good which solid versions of Luke, Obi-Wan and Tusken Raider. R2D2 is also there but its what you would expect with the version at the moment, as for the building overall is also very good.

I would love it to be slightly bigger, more into a rock perhaps or a little bit more breathing room and detail but that would come with more price, £24.99 to me though is a tad expensive, there are only 20 pieces, and shouldn’t be more than £19.99 but these days most Lego Disney products are higher than others, nevertheless, the building is still fine, and actually being very minimal and disjointed is actually fitting to the building, the Princess Leia projection is excellent, for me this was a must buy based on it being Tatooine, and even though we haven’t ever had this before its still a good thing to pick up.


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