Landscaping Ideas for Large Backyards

Landscaping Ideas for Large Backyards, A large backyard offers many benefits. One of those benefits is that it provides the room to take on landscaping possibilities that only a large backyard can afford. Landscaping options for a backyard include everything from specific theme decor to free-form landscaping using a variety of natural or man-made elements to give your backyard a personality that will stand out in your neighbourhood.

Large Backyard

Large Backyards

Rock Garden As An Added Benefit And A Focal Point

Large rock gardens can make a backyard landscape stand out. Decorative rocks in all sizes are simple to come by. Purchase them at lawn and garden stores or gather them yourself from a local park or quarry. You can make one large rock garden or several smaller ones. Place rocks of varying colours inside the garden along with faux gemstones that add colour and reflect the light of the sun.

Water Features With Low Maintenance

Add a sensory experience to your backyard landscaping design with a water feature — a fountain, a backyard pond or a birdbath. The feature serves as a visual display and is also pleasing to listen to, adding another dimension to your entire property landscape and garden space.

Pond And Water Decor For Your Outdoor Oasis

Dig a small or large pond in the centre of your backyard, and fill it with colourful sea plants surrounded by a bed of seashells. You can stock your pond with goldfish as well. For an added decorative touch, add a rock-lined waterfall that spills water back into the pond.

Gazebo Centrepiece And Rock Walkways

A small or large gazebo as the centrepiece of your backyard, with a stone walkway leading to the front of the gazebo, can lend a touch of beauty to your backyard. Use colourful flowers along the edges of your walkway to highlight it. Continue the flowers from your walkway around the gazebo to complement the gazebo.

Bridge Walkways For A Beautiful Backyard And Open Space

Bridge walkways made of wood can add rustic charm to a backyard. If you have a pond, a bridge walkway that crosses over the pond provides a place to relax. Add a bench at the top of the walkway so you can sit and listen to the trickle of the water. Wooden bridges over a garden also add a decorative touch to a large backyard landscape.

Lighted Foot Path For Your Garden Design

If you have a lot of trees in your backyard and plenty of space, consider building a foot path for taking long strolls. Install soft lantern lighting along the path for taking strolls in the evening.

Plant Paradise For Your Garden Beds Or Vertical Garden

When selecting plants for your landscape, it is always beneficial to choose native plants for your vegetable garden and flower beds as they are accustomed to the local climate and are most likely easy to grow and maintain. However, if you want to give your outdoor area an awe-inspiring appearance, you will likely have to abandon this practicality even if it means providing special care for picky exotic flower pots.

To create an amazing landscape of the large yard, stick with a primary theme, which you can then build your low-maintenance plants collection around. For example, for a tropical theme and landscape design, grow areca palms, lady palms and bougainvillea flowers in your flower garden. For an English-garden style landscape, use ivy, roses and forget-me-nots. If you want an Asian-inspired space, some options and a great idea are orchids, bamboo and Chinese fan palms.

Amazing Entrance For The Best Landscaping Ideas

An amazing landscape should evoke wonder and excitement even before you step into the space. One of the best ways to achieve this is to give your outdoor space a large, ornamental entryway, such as a trellis, arbour or pergola. When guests step through this magnificent portal, they should feel as though they have entered into an entirely different and beautifully landscaped world.

Try covering your entranceway with plants, such as climbing roses, ivy and creepers. According to Better Homes and Garden’s Remodeling Center, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, large, elaborate entranceways are also functional in that they help create privacy.

Terracing With Natural Elements

For a sloping or otherwise uneven big backyard, terracing can create a multi-dimensional, multi-functional space in your landscape that can also serve as an elegant aesthetic feature. Terracing involves building up several step-like levels or layers that stay in place with a network of parallel—or nearly parallel–retaining walls.

You can use each level of your terracing for a different purpose. For example, use one for planting flowers, one for planting vegetables or shrubs and, as Better Homes and Gardens recommends, you can also pave one of the surfaces to create a patio area. If your outdoor space is on the small side, try setting up a series of less functional, but equally attractive, baffles, which are miniature, ornamental terraces.

Potted Plants Are Budget-Friendly Backyard Ideas

Purchase already assembled potted plants, or make your own container gardens and place them around the perimeter of your patio, deck or along walkways. Use the right plants that are easy-to-care-for annuals — such as impatiens or petunias — which require minimal maintenance yet add a vibrant pop of colour.

Lighting For An Attractive Look Of Distinct Areas

Add interest to your home and landscape after the sun goes down with lighting. Use floodlights to accent focal points in your big outdoor space — such as trees or a water feature. Add whimsy by draping strings of lights through trees. Place lanterns or solar lights along walkways.

An amazing landscape should incorporate amazing features of different areas, both living and inanimate. While providing aesthetic value is essential, some of these features should also serve functional purposes, which can contribute to a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Whether your outdoor backyard space is big or small, flat or sloped, several landscaping ideas with natural materials can help make it amazing.

Achieving an attractive landscape may seem like a daunting task that requires a lot of hard work and time; however, that needn’t be the case. Turn your landscape from ho-hum to dazzling with a few simple touches and the best backyard landscaping ideas.


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