My Top 5 childhood films | 90’s Edition

Growing up there are Childhood films that hold a special place in our hearts, these can bring out the emotions of our past, good, bad, funny, sad…all sorts, so when we think back or even watch them nowadays it can be a joy. With many films to choose from through many years, I’m a child of the 80‘s early ’90s, which I’ve already done here, but the 90’s list would generally include the first half of the decade, as I was approaching teenage life at the end of the decade and I wasn’t interested in it then lol.

Now being a boy the 90’s started as an 8-year-old and ended at 18, which meant my film chase changed dramatically, to say the least, and in reality, this influenced my list, so I tried to focus more on those earlier years towards the end of my younger childhood days, ill be honest I found it tough for the 80’s because there were so many,

I actually sit back and think the ’90s were not as good, but that’s largely because my tastes had changed, I think, based on what you know of me, surely Jurassic park is on here? no, I’ve left it for another list and it was a bit scary for a real youngster back in the day.


I was a Turtles child, Turtles, ghostbuster and he-man summed up my childhood in many ways, and almost put this on the 80’s list by mistake, but Turtles from 1990 was huge, and still has a big following with Cartoon series’s and attempted remakes etc, but let’s be honest the original was the best, even the Cartoon was iconic.

But I loved both this and the sequel, anything else…well not so much, it was a little controversial because of the Ninja side of it, which makes us laugh now, but the animatronics were also groundbreaking at the times as they combined it with actual actors as well.

Hocus Pocus

Its still arguably the best Halloween film for all ages, kids can still enjoy the 1993 hit in 2020, and if we are to believe there’s a sequel coming shortly on Disney+, but not only was this a great Halloween film that we played every year, it was a solid film and one that I remembered watching, even now my kids will watch it and its one of Boo’s favourites.

Space Jam

This was the top end of my childhood films from 1996, I was moving away from these kiddies films but this did just enough combining cartoon and real life, staring the looney toons and arguably the biggest sportsman and well know names in the world at the time, Michael Jordan.

It’s a little far fetch it a story but still with some added appearances from people like Bill Murray, its still a great family film, and rumoured to be redone at some point with the more modern-day sportsman.


This 1995 film was another Halloween esc film, again it was huge at the time and combined real-life and Animation, but more realistic, this had quite a dark overtone tit in reflection but it was still good, Christina Ricci was at her height of popularity and Bill Pullman just before Independence day.

Addams Family

I’ve suddenly seen a trend, there’s a lot of Halloween here lol, but to be honest, this wasn’t really about it, just that cartoonish satirical horror-themed comedy that can be associated to Halloween, but all that aside, its a great film, the sequel is also really good.

The cast is brilliant, Christopher Lloyd is excellent and for many of us, including me will always consider Raul Julia as Gomez and Angelica Houston as Morticia, they are brilliant, but that’s the point, the cast is excellent and makes this film even better.


My 90’s list feels very different to my 80’s one, there are some classics on here that I still enjoy with my kids today, and honestly, I could have easily swapped out some of my alternatives with these, just because they are all similar level, with the 90’s such a changing decade for me it’s great to think back to my youth and realise that many of these films have been shown to my kids now.

An Alternative list of films that could be on the list

Matilda | Weve played this countless times in our house, a family favourite

Jumanji | This probably should be on the list, I loved it, I love Robin Williams, the modern-day sequels are excellent.

Mrs Doubtfire | An excellent Robin Williams hit from 1993

Hook | Robin Williams again, but this aside it was a fantastic film.

Witches | Scared me so much when i was young.


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