HMV | Fully Stocked £9.99 Mystery Box

HMV is one of the UK largest Music, Film, Gaming, and Pop culture retailers that are still on the high street but also online-based. They sell arrange of merch and tech, but now also do Mystery Boxes, this box is the Fully Stocked £9.99 Mystery box, but what is involved in this box?

HMV Fully Stocked

HMV has only recently gone into this market but has sold many of these items for years, and to be honest alot of retailers snow do mystery boxes and they can be excellent gifts or something for yourself. This box was their entry Level of Mystery boxes, they have multiple versions of these which includes branded ones aswell and complete mystery boxes.

They will all have Pop culture merch but you get the choice between a branded one towards your choice so you aren’t disappointed or a complete mystery box for the surprise, as i said this was the mystery box, they do point out it contains £24.99 worth of products which at there RRP is often correct.

Spiderman Mug

For me and Tigger this is arguably the best thing in the box as we are both big Spiderman fans, however i actually really like this because it’s not the normal Spiderman logo, or a scene from a film or something, but its more like the comic drawing and the iconic slogan, ” With Great Power, comes great responsibility”, excellent.

Doctor Who Print

Prints are always good, they can be exact from the Film/TV or concept designs etc that framed can look excellent, for us we arent huge Doctor Who fans, especially the last couple of Doctors but if you were, this is neat and would be good framed in your collection.

Trolls Tag

Tags, Badges, patches etc are often popular both in the number of boxes therein and in people desire to own them, this one was based on the film Trolls World tour and has the character Branch, Piglet loves Trolls and even though she would want Poppy, she was still excited for this.

Star Wars Print

Another print, normally I might be a little disappointed to have two in one box, but it was of Chewbacca from Star Wars, which again for me and Tigger is great! we love Star Wars. This was from Han Solo, and Is actually a cool looking print of Chewbacca with goggles and an orange style design, this would look good framed in Star wars fans man/woman cave,

Zelda Notebook

Notebooks are another popular item that occurs in Mystery boxes and they are often quite good and have a great design, let’s be honest we often need them around the house to jot down something or doodle etc depending on the person. But this is good with the brown almost wethered novel looking design, for Link and Zelda fans it’s a good choice.


Overall for the £9.99 HMV price tag, it’s pretty good, the mug and Notebook are worth it already, both are excellent designs, especially Spiderman, which Tigger is going to display to actually using it. The Prints are also fine, but the Chewbacca one is really cool, I love it and even though there are two prints it’s enough to warrant it. Last the Bag Tag I fine, actually nice to see another character from Trolls that isn’t Poppy, so as a small item that’s often in this, it’s fine.

You may get put off by the size of the box to the items, but just remember there is a generic box so anything could be in there, often there will be a little space, this is a few heads up for all boxes. This HMV Fully Stocked Mystery box was a good price of £9.99, don’t get me wrong mystery boxes could be random but if you’re a fan of pop culture and you are open to many different themes you will get something from it, we did and could be a good gift.


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