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Normally gifts can be at a massive and wide variety for Xmas, with a large number of shops and even bigger selection online, choosing a gift can be full emotions and a difficult decision, however with all of this you were happy when you were able to give the gift in person. With 2020 we have spent a lot of time in lockdown, and we are potentially starring at Xmas being in lockdown, so with this and the possibility of no family visits or very limited, what type of gifts are useful this year?

Over the years we have done a little bit of both, some families live far away which means at times we’ve also had to plan for longer distanced gifts, meanwhile, the local friends and family we were able to be more creative, though some still appreciated Gift cards etc.

Luckily our kids still all live with us so we are able to get most things that they would want, I am a key worker so I have had the opportunity to pop out etc, but with Lockdown hitting hard and many people struggling, that questions of gifts? also applies to us. What type of gifts or Websites are out there this year that could be worth looking at?


Moonpig is one of the most recognisable websites relating to Cards and gifts, over the years we’ve used it for Cards for both family and friends that live further away, personally, my favourite part of it is the ability to customise your cards for the that unique I card and person.

However Moonpig does also provide a variety of Gift ideas, Even for Xmas, they provide a further assortment of gift ideas. There are some lovely different hampers for those more extravagant gifts, though Flowers, chocolates, Alchohol, Candles even a selection of toys, there are plenty of things you can choose that you can get delivered.


Amazon no doubt is one of the biggest companies in the world, and with Lockdown this year they have become for many an essential retailer, with potentially a lockdown Xmas this is even more essential than ever. They are a great way to buy and send gifts if you’re like us we have created shopping lists for the kids etc that we share with others so they are able to know what they want and buy it directly.

Some even use the gift card part of it, we have already used Amazon and no doubt it will be one of our main sources this year if there’s one guaranteed choice on this list that people will use? it’s this one.

Gift Cards

Gift cards have been around a while as an option for presents and gifts, this year has been no different and for people that need that distance present, Gift cards provide many different options, from shops on the highstreet to Online, to food outlets, supermarkets and gaming, even streaming services can provide one.

This year may add a little bit more of a challenge as they need to be online compatible due to the unpredictable openings of restaurants and shops.


Subscriptions gifts for many is still a fairly new concept, they can range from gaming, Mystery boxes, Food, Alcohol, Crafts, pets items, coins, magazines, all sorts! literally many things, for many they would have never thought of it, but you can get a wide range of items. Buying a year block could be as much as a one-off present of something else, but let’s be honest, it looks more! there getting something every month and is an interesting gift, for me, this is one of the cooler things to buy.

Days out

Buying tickets etc for Shows, Theme parks, museums etc isn’t anything new, thankfully many of these are going more digital which makes the process easier and slicker, some are a generic email confirmation, which is fine but doesn’t have that buzz, some are more extravagant in the delivery of the ticket both digitally on in hand.

There are sites like Red-letter days that provide an actual day experience, like car days, balloon rides etc…You can do this from a distance but! at the moment choosing the right day out experience may b tougher than some of the other options.


Whatever you decide for a birthday or especially a Xmas gift this year with the lockdown situation, everyone will have a different opinion on gifts and possibly be happy with whatever gift, in this list, there is something for everyone, and no doubt you could find something, personally we’ve used all of these before and they can be excellent with one-off experiences or novelty gift ideas, in a challenging year all we can do is try to make someones Xmas or show our love etc.


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