Lego 76401 | Hogwarts Courtyard Sirius’s Rescue

Lego 76401. Hogwarts Courtyard Sirius’s Rescue is a set based on the Prisoner of Azkaban, it features 3 Minifigures, Buckbeak, and part of the courtyard, it has 345 pieces and has an RRP of £44.99.

Lego 76401

Being and of Harry Potter, we naturally buy these sets often, but with this being focused around part of Hogwarts, this intrigues me more as at this point I have many parts of the building of Hogwarts. As for the girls they like it as it’s got Buckbeak in it, however, the set isn’t huge and would be relatively straightforward to build so I was still building it.

Harry Potter

Ever present it sets is Harry Potter, this one has small legs but a blue top and blue jacket, much like the film, but what sets it different is the dirt on the print, while his face and hair is the more common one from this year of the film.

Hermione Granger

Like harry, she also has similar minifigure from other sets from this film, small legs, a great pink top with a pink jacket, but also like Harry the difference is the mess and dirt on it, the head and hair again is similar to this era minifigures. She also has the time turner, given to her by Dumbledore which is vital to the film, that we also never see again.

Sirius Black

For much of the film, he is the apparent bad guy, but as events unfold we find what really happens, in the scene he is rescued, so at this point, he is still wearing his Azkaban clothes though weathered and turn, which looks fantastic, the headpieces show a bit more friendly version of Sirius.


It’s the second time we had seen him in the rereleased sets, with just a slight update from the previous Buckbeak rescue set. However like before he does look fantastic and is easily recognisable as a character, the special moulded version with wings that can move is just excellent to have,


Sirius is held in a locked tower at the end of the film and thus the rescue using firstly the time turner and then secondly using Buckbeak, this allows them to reach him and he can make his own escape away from Hogwarts and the pending Dementors. This build shows him in the top of one of the towers behind a locked gate, while below are magic items locked away in the room below.

The building itself at this point is the traditional Yellow, Cream, Brown and green building parts, this is and a tad boring but ultimately it’s bang on to what they have been doing to the other sets, this allows consistency. Below the two rooms that are mentioned is a staircase and a slightly open area showing the courtyard edge-type space.

This is shown by essential squares, with joints that can be moved around depending on what you wanted to connect to, this grey join is exactly the same as other similar sets to help you build the layout you want or get closer to the layout of Hogwarts itself. Lastly, a small extra scenery featuring a barrel and meat for Buckbeak completes the set.


This set is fine, its a tad expensive at £44.99 but that’s where we are, it probably would have been a £29.99 or £34.99 set a few years ago but with prices that’s where we are at, if you can get it cheaper do it, it becomes a much better value than it is. It’s similar to other sets that build Hogwarts, which is equally boring but yet useful for big builds.

The minifigures are similar to others from that year’s films, with just a slight dirt different, but they still look good and can be forgiven, Is this the best set? nope…. the most imaginative? nope… many will give this a miss and perhaps just the fans of Lego Harry Potter will only be looking at this.


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