Piglet’s First Day at school

Piglet recently started her first day preschool, at the school that she will be attending next year. So she has the school feeling over a separate Nursery. To get her in to there it’s been a battle, Boo has been battling for a long time, not just like a normal situation where you’re competing to get into a school, but seemingly education the school on this system, what they can do, and how they can do it.

It’s a newer school but their attitude is very old school, and being in a newish estate there not use to the size and amount of people they are getting now. They even had an expansion a couple of years ago because of the increment in the housing that surrounds it as well as intake in the school, maybe this will drive them to be more up to date in mindset.

Piglet though was very much at the end of her young toddler age, you could see she was outgrowing her previous nursery and time at home, one of the big parts of getting her into the new school was 30 hours (and a big battle), as she an active child there was only so much she could do. She needed that interaction from others, more so over the previous 2 kiddies. Out of the three, she’s the loudest, bossiest, active, outgoing one of the three. This is great especially compared to the troubles with Tigger, but again it did mean she was reaching her barrier as there was only so much we can do. 

On her first day in school obviously, Boo and I were apprehensive as any parents are on first days. But Piglet was excited, she knew she was going to school, she was so proud to be wearing the school uniform. Even weeks later she still looks forward to wearing it, knowing that this is hers. After the annual school picture from Boo, though it was raining, all the kids went their separate ways, Boo and I took Piglet and Tigger. tigger now leaves us at the gate as he is separate to where Piglet goes, Roo is in a different school and takes the bus.

Again she was so excited on the walk to school, once we got there we went into the classroom, though it was the wrong one of the two lol, both have a child with the same first name as her, this was enough to confuse them lol. However, after this slight Detour, we were back in the right room. After a weird initial handshake with the teacher (this is something the class is trying, the child shakes hands as they come into the classroom with the teacher, odd, germs, weird).

Her normal routine since then is to place a picture of her in a box so everyone knows whos there, again odd… but on day one this wasn’t done obviously. She happily placed her coat, lunchbox and bottle away and went straight off to look at the activities leaving myself and Boo in the background, we said goodbye and that was it…I’m sure she missed us lol

End of the Day

As the end of the day we picked her up with no issues, she had a great day, made friends already and was excited to go back again the next day. I’m so pleased she hit it running, but this is the girl she is, fearless confident and gets on with it, I was so proud of her and in many ways, I’m just not surprised. OF all the kids shes the one that tackles things head-on, fearless, almost stubborn but that’s not a bad thing.



  1. 1 November 2019 / 9:32 am

    I’d have been proud too! Greta that the first day went so well and may there be many more successful days!

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