Broaden Your Families Horizons With These Awesome Travel Ideas

Broaden Your Families Horizons With These Awesome Travel Ideas, If a weekend at Butlins isn’t your style, you might be interested in some of the more adventurous and unusual family travel options you’ll find below. 

Volunteer overseas 

One of the best experiences you can give to your children is the experience of giving back to a community or cause outside of their own typical life. That is why volunteering while travelling is such a popular activity right now. 

There is a huge range of volunteer travel experiences to choose from as well, including ones that are focused on environmental causes, ecological causes, social causes, and many more. The best option is to find something that you and your family are passionate about and invest your time and effort into it, as it will be the most rewarding for all involved. 

Try van life 

If you’ve been on social media lately you’ll know that one of the most popular travel trends is van life. Simply put, van life is about using a camper, or converted van as a place to sleep, as well as a method of transport. The benefits of van life include low overheads, especially for extended trips and you don’t have to pay for separate accommodation, as well as the freedom to travel wherever you choose. 

Oh, and before you think that van life is not possible if you have little ones, there are many successes like the Kampafam van life family already out there doing their thing. Indeed, such families are a great place to start to get inspiration and tips to make your own brood’s van life experience as fun and exciting as possible. 

Overnight in an Igloo 

If you are looking for an unforgettable travel experience as a family, then renting out a glass igloo in Finland is a must. Located in the arctic resort of Kakslauttanen the ice igloos allow you to stay warm and cosy while getting an uninterrupted view of the aurora borealis or northern lights. Indeed, anyone that has been far north enough to see mother nature’s light show will know what a luxury this is as many people spend time alternating between being outside and warming up in a vehicle when viewing the lights. 

In addition to the fully glass igloos they also have cabins with igloo extensions built on the end for viewing the lights. This means your family can benefit from the best of both worlds, including the privacy and warmth of a log cabin. 

Sleep under the stars 

Sleeping under the stars or fly camping as it is also known can be a thrilling experience for family members of all ages. The idea is that while you are protected from pests with a basic fly net and mattress, you are otherwise sleeping in the open where you can watch the vast night sky and listen to all the sounds of the jungle around you. 

One of the best locations for sleeping under the stars is Zambia, where tour operators regularly organise fly camping trips in the beds of dry rivers. It’s worth noting that while much of the experience is roughing, these tours do tend to come with experienced safari guides to keep you safe, and high-level chiefs to keep you full and happy during your stay. 

Live in a beach cabin 

If you are looking for more of a beach-type holiday then you can’t get any better than heading to Belize and the island of Tobacco Caye. This tropical paradise is situated away from the main coast and offers cabins that open out into the warm turquoise-blue ocean. 

However, there is more to do than relax at Tobacco Caye, as it’s surrounded by stunning coral that is host to a myriad of stunning fish and ocean wildlife that the kids can explore. 

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Visit an eco-lodge

Lastly, if you want to give your kids a truly unforgettable travel experience how about booking a break at the stunningly modern Mashpi Lodge in Ecuador? Indeed, you would be forgiven for thinking that this modern glass building would be at home in any busy city, but instead, it is located in one of the most remote areas of Ecuador and requires a long trek through the jungle to reach. 

The lodge is designed not only to provide the best views of the beautiful jungle that surrounds it but also to work practically with the local environment. This means it generates a great deal of its own power, food is sourced locally, and the design is sustainable so as not to add strain to its surroundings. 

That’s not to say that Mashpi lodge is not luxurious though, because it truly is. The suits are large and sleek, and they have a bar, and restaurant serving high-quality food and drink with wish you can refresh and replenish yourself after a long day hiking in the wilderness outside of Mashpi’s walls.


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