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Forza Horizon 4 is a long-standing Xbox Series that actually spawned from its sister game Forza Motorsport, which goes back even longer in the Xbox Series, right back to when the Xbox Console was launched in 2001, so with all this history and acclaimed awards and experience what was the latest version like?

With this possibly being the last on the current console generation only, what it is for those newer people to still yet enjoy, Forza Motorsport is far more of a racers game and lot more custom to race tracks, modding cars, and playing on real-life tracks in real-life situations, however, Forza Horizon was the game that went beyond the race track, in more of an open world.

This years version was set in the streets of Great Britain, and the level of detail living in the UK is brilliant, they made a big point of the weather and interactions with scenery, (us brits and the weather) and to be honest they nailed it, as you would expect the game look stunning, but they really did focus on that level of detail.

What they say…

“Live the Horizon Life when you play Forza Horizon 4. Experience a shared world with dynamic seasons. Explore beautiful scenery, collect over 450 cars and become a Horizon Superstar in historic Britain”

The big difference to many other driving games including its Sister Forza game is you can essentially just pick up and go, everything is open, it’s like driving around the country, you will see other cars and other players driving around, there will be a host of things to investigate and side missions to earn money and race etc. There are also cars you can find around the country in barns that you can fix and keep.

The mini races that you can have along with normal driving can cause damage to your car, but unlike Forza Motorsport it doesn’t really hinder you, it’s more like other driving games that it just shows you the detail of the damage cosmetically.

What Tigger Says

“I like Horizon because you can buy and drive in cars, and you don’t have to follow rules, but you also are able to discover lots of cars that you couldn’t in the real world, my top tips are if your drone goes off and finds a barn, it will mark it on your map for you in the exact position, Don’t waste your money on cars that are really expensive if you’re low on money you could do an auction with some of your cars.”


Through the years I’ve been more of a Forza Motorsport fan but I could really see the attraction of this game, it was fine to watch Tigger play because you could see the level of detail they had put into streets, signs, scenery etc, being a driver I could see it easily, the cars are excellent and there’s a good showcase, the cars do interact differently based n what they are, for example, a high-performance car would handle poorly round tight streets but awesome speed, compared to more reasonable budget cars that handled some f that far easier but doesn’t have that kick of power.

We got this via Xbox Gamer Pass, and for me, it’s one of the better games on the console, and certainly one of the better reasons to have the Gamer pass, so if you want a realistic driving game but don’t always want to be stuck on race tracks then this is well worth a look at, you will get several hours of enjoyment from it.


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