Lego 75932 Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase

Lego 75932, Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase Jurassic World set is actually Based on Jurassic Park but I’m assuming they are pushing the branding of the current films. Even though this is based on the original film in the Original Trilogy. It contains 4 mini-figures and a Raptor depicting one of the scenes in the film.


Being a massive fan of Jurassic Park, and I don’t mind the new films, when I saw this was coming out I had to buy it. I really hope this isn’t a one-off as there are several key characters missing and only one dinosaur. If it was why not do a bigger display, similar to Lego Ideas range or just a big set containing it all. I would have paid more for it all, but if this might see more released then fine. The set is between small and medium with 360 pieces so I knew the size wouldn’t be impressive. However, I’m fine with choosing this scene, and in reality, I’m a little biased because of the franchise anyway.

The build

Bag 1 (book 1 aswell, why not just do one book? there not very thick and just make 1?), contains Allan Grant, Tim Murphy and the Raptor. Tim has the smaller legs to distinguish as a child, while Allan has a Hat as well as a hair option. They both have clothes relating to the film, which is good but Grant has a gun? which is fine for the scene but really I’m not bothered. It’s a standard one-handed small blaster and nothing like the film but as I said whatever.

The Raptor fits really well together, Tigger and I have never made a raptor and hardly ever built Dinos with Lego, but it looks really good. It’s probably my favourite part of the set. The rest of the bag covers the main central part of the office with a door and locking mechanism, trying to replicate the scene. It’s pretty good with a traditional Jurassic park sticker for the window and a map of the Isla Nublar which is a neat touch.

Bag 2 Has Ellie Satler and Lex Murphy, again there design is close to the film, this bag also has a ladder used to escape the room once the Raptors get in. You finish the door mechanism and then build the desk with the computer to reset the parks computers etc…as per film.

There’s another neat touch with a monitor showing Dennis Nedry saying no etc.. as per the film. It also has the first extension in which the kitchen is built, now I release its a part of the film but I think it’s odd just attached to it.

Bag 3 is simpler and smaller, the second extension is built with the minilab part of the building, this attempts to replicate the egg chamber and lab equipment, it looks ok, but much like the Kitchen just a little weird.

Our Thoughts

Tigger found this set pretty easy to make with only the mechanisms being the exception as he needed my help with it being a little fiddly. The set is good overall, the price matches the size of it, to be honest, maybe a sale on it would make it more appealing though.

I’m a fan so I’m biased, however, I do have some slight criticisms, there should be 2 raptors as in both of these scenes there are 2. I don’t get the adding of the kitchen, perhaps in an attempt to play value, but it’s not very big so you can’t really replicate the scene etc…

The mini lab is ok, but I would have sacrificed one or the other to make the other bigger and better. The mini-figures and the Raptor is great though and still a good purchase if you are a fan of the originals, the Set build will not blow you away  but a couple of nice quirks in there for nostalgia 


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