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If you have ever been on the school run you will notice a sea of Wheels with some hardcore speed demons, these are the kids flying around and demanding to ride their scooters every day. But why are scooters such a fascinating thing to them? why even if they are naturally cautious with other things, the scooters allow them to push themselves to the limit?

It’s funny to see that on a school run you see such a large amount of kids with scooters, even recently during lockdowns you would see a big queue to drop the kids off but the number of scooters is amazing, most schools will have an area these days to keep scooters at school, and this would always be full.

Then you would also get the parents that took the scooter home after the drop-off and then bring it back when collecting! I’m actually one of those parents though I don’t always take it for the home run lol.

Tigger and Roo

Though Roo did some scootering she kind of quickly went to the bike’s side of it, Tigger is a much more cautious boy, when he uses his scooter he’s a lot more careful with it. With Scooters, they are generally 2 wheels or 3/4 combination, and Tigger being a cautious boy was much more stable on the micro scooter, this was a 3 wheel version and allowed him to go slightly faster but again I wouldn’t say he was really pushing himself, however, on a scooter, he was far more comfortable than on a bike, even a bike with stabilizers at the time was daunting for him.

Speedster Piglet

Piglet on the other hand? well as I’ve mentioned before she is fearless, being the youngest you could argue she’s more active, brave, and fearless than the other two ever have been, and she’s the one that loves the scooters the most.

If she could she would ride it too and from school every day, she always wants it even if it’s raining! She is coming to the end of the 3 wheel scooter as she is about to move to a 2 wheel, which for me scares me a little, shes soo fast and fearless on the scooter that I worry she won’t adjust slightly now she doesn’t have that extra stability, and unlike the other two, there’s no backing down for her.

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