5 Clothing Tips for Days Out


5 Clothing tips for days out, with your days out planned with family or friends, the attention turns to what you might need to ensure the day goes well. Clothing can be vital to ensure you’re protected or as comfortable as you can be against the weather and potential length of the day, so let’s look at some tips.

These days can be long, you could be at a theme park, on a city break, out with the kids, at the seaside, a festival, or many other places and face all these types of different scenarios. With lots of things on your mind especially with kids etc you don’t want to have worry of not wearing the right items. From footwear, all the way to the top, plan what you may need for the day, is it hot or cold? raining? are you walking a long distance? Is it muddy? sand? A quick prep is very useful for your day, you can worry about others and the day.


Starting from the bottom, footwear is arguably one of the most important things for your day, especially a long day when your on your feet for most of it, theme parks etc are surprisingly long walking days, the same with city breaks, you are doing other things but it builds up on the day. You will feel it in your feet quickly, and access your footwear for the day, for me using insoles for flat feet enables my own footwear to be comfortable and supportive.

If you suffer from a range or issues like flat feet and others this can be a real issue on these big days and having extra support, or using insoles for flat feet etc can be helpful on the day out. Choosing Trainers, Wellies, Sandals, Shoes etc really depends on the day, but choosing the right one is vital, you may look good in one, or more comfortable in another is all great, but if it’s not for the day you will feel the pain shortly.


Similar to Shoes, prepping the day and planning ahead is vital, whats the weather? where can I put extra layers when I get too hot? or will I need extra layers if it’s too cold? Will I get to these clothes once I’m doing the activity? This is a silly question?.. no. many times people will be somewhere like Alton Towers and be the other end of the park and it is too hot or its raining, to get back to your car and back will probably take you an hour. So silly as it sounds choosing what’s comfortable and appropriate is far more important than looking good for your pic on the rollercoaster.

For city and indoor outings, you can be a lot looser with what you choose, but still, the same thought process applies, often heavy jumpers coats etc can cause an issue with heat, so around a busy shopping centre can you loose layers? can you get back to the car or did you use public travel and you’re now carrying elements of your clothes.


Start with the obvious, is it raining/snowing or not? this affects your whole day and if it’s training you need to plan for something, whether you’re using your coat or a rain mack, are you inside? can you dodge this? In the UK it can be warm one minute and rain the next, for me I have different thicknesses of coats for this reason and will often use one of my lighter versions so I still have waterproof protection but do not burn up when the heat suddenly changes.

Weirdly for me in really cold days I have a coat that favours more warmth and protection than actual water protection, I prefer this but I get that I can change in a really wet day. If it’s not raining or planned to be raining do you need one at all? often a hoody etc would be fine, of course, on summer days you don’t need one but you will have to combat the heat and the sun rays protection with more skin on show.

Hats and accessories

For me? I’m a hat guy, if you look through social media and the blog I’m almost always wearing a hat, I started many years ago and now it’s just become what I wear. The practicalities though are there, I’m not great in the sunlight and have issues with lights and migraines etc. Tigger is similar and I try to install that on him with the hats to protect with the light.

But in reality, kids should be wearing some sort of hat on really bright summer days. But these things along with water bottles, Handbags, Phone cases, etc are all extra things to bring, so again plan how and where are these going to be, now the phone will almost certainly be there and if you have a smartwatch then this can be tucked away more securely but these days all members of the family will have them not too far from there hands. Utilising a bag etc can be great, I’ve detailed it in another post, this can often carry many of your extras or backups like hats rain coats etc.


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