My Top 5 Action Films | 2000’s Edition

Action films are some of my favourites, they can have some story but in reality, it’s about the over the top action, this list is based on the films of the modern age, with the advancement in technology etc Action films have seen an improvement of quality also, there are plenty of them around and can differ in brilliance and quality, from B-movies to Blockbusters that dominate cinemas, in which they are often great to watch.

With so many action films to choose from there’s a tough choice for the list, the pre-2000’s list was much easier and was dominated by classic 80‘s action like Arnie etc, but arguably over the last 20 years there has been a surge in action films, but there has been some that I liked, my list got a little tweaking as the odd film is on another list and I swapped it ours with one equally good.

Bad Boys 2

The first one in the ’90s was good but for me, this was one of the best films, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence they hit their peak with this, it was non-stop action and parts of comedy, it was solid with just one thing after another, I was so impressed with this film at the cinema, and even to this day is one of Boo and mines favourites, I haven’t seen the third one quite yet, but I will very shortly.

John Wick

When this film came out it was a bit of sleeper hit, Keanu hadn’t done many films around the time and certainly not many high profile ones, not since his hay day of the turn of the century, but this film gained a quality reputation, and it grew and grew, then with the second and then third, it turns into a  cult following and one of the best modern-day action films going, it’s cleverly done is constant action, with so many deaths and unique ways of killing, with a whole other world in its lore, that apparently will be further explored in films or series etc.

Mission Impossible

Mission impossible films may have started in the ’90s and the series way before that, but for me that hit their grove with 2 and 3, in fact, the third is excellent, since then the named mission impossibles have been a bit up and down but overall there still fine, The third one makes the list anyways but the rest help bolster it, there are more coming so Tom cruise will still be in them for the foreseeable future.


The Bourne films have been a more modern-day American James bond, but as the series went on they grew into unique series with Matt Damon in the lead, it also spawned a spin-off which was ok, but many action fans enjoy this series, it’s well done with the modern twist of technology helping the story etc, but it really is a good action film, will there be more? possibly but for now it’s arguably the benchmark for these types of films of the last few years.


This ultra-violent epic telling of the 300 spartans battling was a twist in cinematic production, it filmed and portrayed so different to the others with the use of modern-day tech but leaning to the epics of the past, it was a big deal when this came out, it made Gerard Butler a star, I thought this film was fantastic, the sequel was fine and but it led to a third that hasn’t happened? so in retrospect a bit underwhelming, but the original is still a stand-up film.


Now as the years go on no doubt there will be more action films coming out due to the size and power of the genre and with the technological advances, and no doubt that peoples list will be different as there are still so many action films not on this list, especially as they touch other genres, but personally I love to sit and what an action film, they can be silly and over top, but they can be adrenaline-pumping action.

Some alternative films that could have made the list

Edge of Tomorrow | A great film, it’s on my Sci-fi list

Dredd | Though I love judge Dredd, the Dredd film was excellent and I wished they would do more.

Fast and Furious | The series is up and down, but there will be the odd one that you really like

Gladiator | Excellent film, its on my Epic list, fantastic.

Kill bill | There are many Tarantino films that could make the list, and this is still an excellent film, it’s more of a martial arts film but it’s still great.


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