Lego 75946 | Hungarian Horntail Triwizard challenge

Lego 75946, Hungarian Horntail and the Triwizard challenge is based on the 4th film, the Goblet of fine in which combatants face the Horntail dragon in an effort to get a golden egg. This set has 265 pieces and contains 4 mini-figures, Horntail Dragon and Tent, Its RRP is £29.99.

Lego 75946

This was the last set from the 2019 range that we had to do, based on the size etc Tigger took the lead, this was the girls favourite film and in our house, we are big HP fans so, generally, we like any of the sets, but there has been up and downs recently.

Harry Potter

This figure is exclusive, the headpiece and hair tend to be standard nowadays which is fine, but the rest of the body is a unique tracksuit style design sporting the Hogwarts and Girffindoor colours, he has a dark brown wand while a Broomstick also accompanies Harry, much like the film, however, the big twist here is the use of the piece that normal is used on poles in sets.

This allows the figure to hold on and slide down the pole much like Firestations etc, but the position here suggest feet rest etc, which actually is a really nice touch, as in the films these footrests are much more visible and they haven’t really been used before on the lego sets.

Cedrick Diggory

Cedrick is back in a set with like the rest a different outfit, he much like HP has a Hogwarts inspire tracksuit style costume, but he sports the yellow of his house. He has a light brown wand and I’m not convinced by the lightness of his hair.

Fleur Delacour

Like the others she also is an exclusive Mini-figure, her versions have been good and with hers, there seems to be some variety, but her blue and yellow outfit is good, the blue is perhaps a little darker but the tracksuit style effect like the other is a good choice.

Viktor Krum

I’m not convinced by the Hair, I wasn’t before and I’m still not, I also thought it was a bit odd that he has a smiling face as I’m not sure he ever smiles lol, but the red/brown outfit is fine,  but again like the rest it’s exclusive.


The tent in the film is where they wait to enter, and I can understand why they choose this,  the inside looks out with a bed, table and cups, however, it’s to meant to fit all four, so a little odd that it’s not that big, likewise the decor is a little limited, but the side opening to see inside works well here, normally im, not a huge fan but it works well for the tent. The outside? well it’s pretty boring, and to be honest, tents often are from the outside.

Horntail Dragon

The dragon is arguably the main part of this build, and over the years there been different versions of dragon ESC type pieces, personally, Lego has done well with Dinosaurs but with dragons, they still stick to this ultra build, like Spiders, in which you build each piece, and for some, it works well but when there smaller you could argue why don’t they just have mould, like Dinos.

However this build of the dragon is relatively simple, you build the main body with legs attachment and the wings, with several more ball joints connecting the tail, this heavily uses Lego Technic to provide the flexibility of the dragon.

The wings and headpiece, in particular, look nice and one of the best headpieces I’ve seen outside of a pre mouldered creature (like dinosaurs), the flame coming out of the mouth is a nice touch and doesn’t get done often so it’s fine, but there’s no scale to this for me, you could say they have gone for a longer style dragon but not really, there’s many pieces visible and make the middle part look very clunky, The claws underneath look ok and this design adds a little more stability.

With the Horntail comes a little rock formation and the golden egg, he’s attached to it via a chain, much like a film, though of course its rockier with more scenery inside a semi stadium, whereas here it’s just small rock with him, the egg looks fine, not anything special or accurate but just a golden egg.


The price is ok at £29.99, personally, I want it a bit cheaper, because it’s quite a low piece count, you get 4 mini-figures only and the dragon isn’t huge, however, those four mini-figures are fantastic, again a variation to what is out there, and that’s my thing with HP, there are so many outfits so they should try to keep these variations going, and not to duplicate.

Though the tent idea is ok and the inside is fine, it’s not big at all, and from the outside quite boring, the dragon is ok, not great, not super accurate, I like the headpieces but I’m struggling after that, that’s my personal opinion, you might like it but not great. The set is an easy one to build and Tigger flew through it, it is a set worth getting to a point, if it’s a little cheaper, but it won’t be one of the demanded sets of the series.


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