PAJ GPS Allround Finder 4G Tracker

The PAJ GPS Allround Finder 4G Tracker is a device that allows you to track a range of items and people using the App finder, this could include your vehicles, bags/luggage, and even people and kids. With the 4G Coverage, you could track the device all over the world and provide peace of mind and reduce the risk of worry.

PAJ GPS Allround Finder 4G Tracker

PAJ GPS Device

There are many occasions where you are not in control of what and where something is, for example, you could be travelling and get separated from your bags. It could be as simple as having a day out or seeing friends, and putting your bag down and not remembering you left it, however with a PAJ GPS device you can slip it in almost anything and track it following the app.

You can use the website for more information as well as the App, you register the device and use the app to allow you to see where it is. It is visually a bit like a Sat Nav and Map view on the screen and gives you a location, many countries across the world are covered so if you are using it for travel this will massively help

What PAJ Say

“In case of emergency, Our track devices will notify you instantly via email and push messages.
You can travel around the world and still use our tracker device. Service available in more than 100 countries.

Whether it is a smartphone, laptop or PC, Our PAJ FINDER app can be used with all of your devices.
PAJ FINDER app helps you to set up custom alarms and with the SOS button, you can be alerted quickly.
Wanted to find out what happened on a specific day. PAJ GPS Tracker stores the travelled route data for up to 100 days.

Our tracker Device is fully assembled at the time of packaging. No need for you to worry about setting up the product by yourself.”

Where can you use the PAJ GPS Allround Finder 4G Tracker?

PAJ GPS Allround Finder 4G Tracker


With Vehicles, bikes or even scooters with built-in bags, you can track these, naturally, you may be concerned that these could be taken, depending on what you’re doing and where you live. With cars etc. these can be hidden well and should the worse happen you would at least be able to inform the police of its location. With bikes or even kids’ fun activities, things happen, things can be lost or misplaced, or even taken so again you are able to trace where it is.


As a parent, though kids of course will always be a worry. If you are out in a busy environment or even somewhere new young kids can feel overwhelmed or even excited to explore, this can take over and all of a sudden you might not be able to see them, or they’ve gone a little further for an explore and now can’t see you, so you can’t see them. Having the device on them will help you to find them promptly, however, it isn’t always something so worry or dangerous.

As kids grow they might want to head out with their friends, as a parent lots of emotions come across you and ultimately you can keep them at home forever. They might be at the age where they want to go out a bit further afield with friends or even go into town/city to see friends, again with this you can see where they are, is it where they said? or at least you know where they are going etc… a quick phone call or text might be useful to remind them what they’re up to.

For me, I look at Tigger, he has just started high school this year and has to get a bus there and back each day. It’s much further than what his school is now so I naturally have concerns as most parents do, especially in that first year. This Device will be in his bag so I can track how he gets on if he’s at school and when he’s on route back certainly for the first year as I said.

PAJ GPS Allround Finder 4G Tracker


Personally, there are two areas that you don’t really think about first with these devices, and I think these are very useful and crucial things. We look at vehicles, bags devices or whatever but actually, something can happen to our pets and kids. Many pets may be chipped, but not all and you may want to attach this to a dog collar, especially if you have a dog that’s a little bit more of an explorer than they should be.

Final thoughts

Ultimately there are many more ways to use these, different places, different items, even with different types of people in different types of situations. It’s quick and easy to use with very little set-up on both the App and the device itself. You might want to track a friend on their travels, check on a loved one, or just simply track an item or vehicle for peace of mind, whatever you want to use it for is good to use.

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PAJ GPS Allround Finder 4G Tracker (WTDS)

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