My Top 5 Tom Hanks Films

Tom Hanks has been in films for over 30+years and has a host of awards, his films for many have been favourites of there’s and he’s regarded as one of the best actors out there. However with all these films and a diverse range, which is my top 5?

tom hanks

I’ve grown up watching his films and in reality is probably in my top 3 actors, if not my first just because if you look at he’s catalogue it’s filled with quality films. Some actors generally do good films with only the odd one that’s perhaps not that good, Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington etc.. are those type actors.

But narrowing it down to a top 5 is tough especially as for me I enjoy many of his films, and depending on how old you are this list would change, being a child of the 80‘s I enjoyed films like Turner and Hooch, Burbs, Joe vs the volcano and Sleepless in Seattle, but for others there first choice of films may be completely different.

Saving Private Ryan

Quite simply one of my favourite films of any genre, the cast is excellent, the story is fine but the way it’s filmed and the action is fantastic. As war films go it’s of course sad, there are parts that give you that realism of what it was like. However the acting and the cast is excellent and for me just completes the film, in a cast of excellent performances, Tom Hanks stands up there. in this 1998 film.

Toy story

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that he deserves an oscar or the best film ever, but in 1995 Toy Story changed the game in animated film making, for all things and also changed the direction of Disney. However Tom Hanks and Tim Allen were the voices and celebrity status it needed to take it to that level, and for that, it’s in my top 5. We have all watched a Toy sorry at some point, even as years shave gone by with the kids it’s still a popular choice, this was excellent at the time and still holds up now, the sequels are all good in their own way but the original was the best.

Green Mile

This Stephen King film from 1999 was in the middle of Tom Hanks arguably the best era of films, however, this film was hauntingly good and to be honest I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad word against it. Though the cast is solid both Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan for me stole the show with their portrayal of the characters, it was filmed brilliantly and the story is excellent.

You’ve got mail

From 1998 the film that saw the reunion of Hanks and Meg Ryan from the highly successful and breakout film Sleepless in Seatle, for both it was a game-changer in their careers. To be honest, I’m not saying this is better than that film or in fact better than some on the list that could have been, but for me and Boo its one of those films that bring back emotions and fond memories from our younger years, so for that for me is the reason its here, but I understand why it wouldn’t be on most.

Forrest Gump

Another one of those breakout films but this along with Philadelphia will stand the test of time for his awards, but arguably from a pop culture reference, it’s still known now. But this 1994 hit was hugely successful and is fondly remembered by many, with many iconic scenes and expressions. If you haven’t seen it for a while it’s well with a rewatch.

Other films that could have made my list

Road to perdition

Excellent film and showed a different side of his acting career


Stunning and such a unique film

Polar express

Arguably one of the best Xmas films of the last 20 years


a Cult favourite

Sleepless in Seattle

As above one of the better romantic comedy films.

Catch me if you can

He and Dicaprio were excellent but Leo was arguably better

Apollo 13

Excellent space film with more realism based on true story..


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