My Love of Back to the Future

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Being an 80’s kid I grew up on a selection of films that are still part of pop culture today, Back to the Future Trilogy was one of those sets of films, most people know of them or have watched them, this is one of those films that define the 80’s, but why do I like them? why is it still one of my favourite films?

Born in the ’80s

So being born in those early ’80s when the film was released in 1985 I was a little young to watch it straight away, so actually, for me, it turned out that I watched all three in very short time with the second and third film released in 89 and 90, I even videotaped them when they eventually came on TV and rewatched them several times. As the years went on I have bought them on DVD, Then Blu-Ray and eventually digitally, and let’s be honest the SFX still holds up and watching them doesn’t lose any of the quality, I would argue they look better now than they did back in the day.

In the last couple of years on one of our family film nights, the kids watched them for the first time and I was unsure whether they get it, let’s not forget it’s from the 80s which for kids nowadays is old, but the films are all based in the ’50s a time completely away from them, it’s old even for me lol, but they actually enjoyed it! I Tigger in particular enjoyed it more than Roo, even very recently Tigger decided to watch the Trilogy over his own film nights at the Christmas holidays, which surprised me, I would choose it but of all the things he could watch he choose that.

But Why?

But why do I love it so much? Why do I hold it so close to my heart? Its possibly partly down to bring it back to my childhood, growing upon it, it was one of those films like Ghostbusters that I always remembered, even when I was very little, obviously the story is legendary and again was one of the first time travel stories for me, and for many people, one of the ones that people still use, even in pop cultures like Family Guy and Avengers, they reference it. As a young boy, some of the more adult references went over my head, and I’ve appreciated them as I got older, the characters are great and Michael Fox and Christopher Lloyd with all ways be Marty and Doc to me, they have done other stuff but for me…it’s Back to the future.

I like the integrated story and complex side of it, but it was still enough for a kid to understand even though there are lots going, and I love that it spans for generations of time frames, the Western in the third was excellent and a great difference to the others, but even the future was funny to look at, as we sailed past 2015 it was funny to look back and thing genuinely what they thought we would be doing, many people thought we would have flying cars etc… however back at the ’50s and 80’s the detail of the films going back and forth and crossing over from the footage they previous did and linking was excellent and for younger me, I was astounded.

Its one of the few things in life that I will take forward always, in pop culture world and films for me Back to the Future is up there with Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, Heman, Turtles etc. all classic 80’s and early 90’s things that I love, I so pleased my kids like it, and I hope they grow up still appreciating it as I did.

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