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PJ masks Heroes of the Night is the newest game of the franchise based on the popular PJ masks animated Series, the game from Outright Games, Petoons studios and Hasbro features all the popular characters and villains from the series. The game is available on PS4, Xbox one/S/X, and Nintendo Switch.

PJ masks heroes of the night

Both Tigger and Piglet have grown up with PJ masks, more so Piglet out of the two but Roo just missed all the hype about it, However, Piglet loves PJ Masks and has toys that she often plays with. Tigger may be at the top of the age group with this however Piglet was very keen to play the game.

What they say

“Who goes into the night to save the day? You do! Get your PJs on and become heroes Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko in the most exciting PJ Masks video game yet.
Starting out at Mission Control HQ, you’ll set off on a platforming adventure for little heroes. Use your superpowers – like Catboy’s speed, Owlette’s super flying moves, and mighty Gekko’s muscles – to stop the most popular night-time baddies.

And explore eight PJ Masks locations, from the city roofs and Mystery Mountain all the way to the Moon! With help from PJ Robot, you’ll discover a world of friendship, teamwork, and amazing hidden collectibles.
Bedtime is the right time to fight crime – but can you save the world from Romeo, Luna Girl, Night Ninja, and more villains?”

Whats it like

Ultimately this is a platform adventure style game, each level allows you to investigate and collect things, this adds towards your score and each level has 3 symbols representing each of the PJ masks, this indicates when you have basically done everything within that level.

There is a story and you are trying to save the world from the villains but for kids this is relatively easy to follow. Using each of their abilities allows your progression through the levels much easier with certain puzzle-like challenges, unlike som games though there is plenty of voice acting to support the game, sometimes with just a text box on screen can be difficult for the younger kids as they either dont know or taking longer to read it, when games do text and voice or just voice it can sometimes be easier to understand, personally text and voice is the way to go.

The gameplay itself is easy enough and if your an older kids you may find this a bit to easy, but that’s what the show and thus the game is aimed at, those 3 to 8-year-olds will enjoy the game and the series, any older kids might enjoy it but may find it a bit too easy, but that’s a personal choice.

What the kids say

“I love that i can play with the people from PJ Masks, Owlet is my favourite but I like all of them, I like to use their moves to collect all the things, i think this game is the best PJ mask game”


You don’t have to be a big PJ mask fan to enjoy this, as a platform game it’s pretty solid and easier enough to follow while still throwing in some obstacles for the kids to get on with. As I said earlier older kids may find this too easy so for me the ages between 3 and 8 are probably best for this depending on the child.

It’s difficult to get games for that preschool and early gamer age to older kids of 9 plus, there isn’t much of a choice but there are a small number of good ones out there, this is a fine choice and if your a PJ masks fan this game will be great while you get more confident in playing games.


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