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There are many different Lego themes over the years, some come and go and some stay around forever. Today I’m going to be sharing with you the Lego Winter Village collection.

There are branded ones, Film and TV versions, and even Lego’s own ranges that they have created, Plants, animals, Holiday themes, and all sorts. However one of my favourites is the Creator Expert Winter Village seasonal theme, essentially Christmas and the Lego Winter Village, and within that theme are the modular buildings for the Winter Village or North pole.

Lego Winter Village

I Love Christmas

I love Christmas so it’s not a shock to see that this is probably my favourite theme in Lego, I love everything to do about it and I love making my Christmas Lego sets at Xmas. A few years ago I started collecting Lego and like many you slowly find out what you like more than other ranges and sets. Luckily for me, I did this pretty earlier on in the range release, I only missed the first couple of sets as these were yearly releases. These now are very expensive to purchase much like most Lego once they get discontinued.

A Lego Winter Village

One of the things I really love about this theme is they are doing two parts, one set in the Winter Village and one in the North pole area, the original ones which include the couple I missed were all set in this Lego Winter Village with small modular building bit of course filled with wintery theme items and snow, etc. The normal creator expert modular is much more detailed, bigger but more expensive, but this doesn’t take anything away from the unique and at times highly detailed sets that can happen. These so far have included the likes of a Toy shop, Train station, Firehouse, Bakery etc. essentially our making a small village.

North Pole

The other side of the Series is the fun of the North Pole, it’s still part of this Winter Village type them but in reality, it’s all set at the North pole. For me even though the Lego Winter Village collection is great, the side that really sets it off is this part. These are where the designers can have more fun and include great sets like Santas workshop, Gingerbread house, Elf Clubhouse, etc. They are very different to much of what the rest of Lego has and if you’re a fan of Christmas these are the pinnacle of Lego.

Some extras

There are some extra items in the range that technically falls under the bracket of this, they include over the years Nutcrackers, Christmas trees, Presents, Hanging Balls, Wreath and a variety of random builds, are very good but they aren’t as theatrical as the sets. I have though collected the hanging balls as these are pretty good, you open them up and build the small set and re-seal the ball, then you can hang it from the tree.


For me, the Lego Winter Village sets are the best, the detail in the Christmas designs are great and even if the set has some issues I can forgive it just because of my love for it, these stay out all year on shelves but in long term, I will move it into a better display once I have more room. Its the set range that I give myself every year for a Xmas present, and its the range that I look forward to seeing what’s new as I count down to Christmas, it really is an excellent range and for many its one of those that they hold dear to there collection.

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