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Planet Zoo is a game from Frontier Developments in which you run and operate a Zoo, with different scenarios or sandbox and be creative in however you want to run it. The African Expansion is the latest in the extra DLC that has been released, the game is released on PC however with the use of Steam you can also see what the Community is doing with the game.

For many years I’ve played these types of games including Planet Coaster and Zoo Tycoon, recently the kids have started to progress into this genre and have done fairly well. Planet Zoo is one that we hadn’t got round to yet but the fortunate thing at this point was that more content had been released since the release game so it was a great time to get involved.

What they say

“Build a world for wildlife in Planet Zoo. From the creators of Planet Coaster and Zoo Tycoon comes the ultimate zoo sim. Construct detailed habitats, manage your zoo, and meet authentic living animals who think, feel and explore the world you create around them.”

What the kids said

Planet zoo is all about creating and working in a zoo. You get to see different animals and learn quick facts about them. There are two modes which are Campaign and Sandbox. You also can get DLC for Planet Zoo which introduces new animals and features.

In Campaign, multiple different tutorials will help you get started on your road to becoming a zoo park manager/owner. Once you have completed the tutorials you move on to the proper campaign which takes you to different zoos to build, renovate and manage the animals and the visitor’s welfare.

In Sandbox, you get to pick and choose which map or island you would like to start your zoo adventure on. In the sandbox, you have infinite money which allows you to buy and create anything you would like for your new zoo. You get to pick and choose your new animals for your park which affects your park’s reputation. Also, you have to keep in mind that visitors still come to the park and have emotions about it. For example, if animal welfare is really low there will be protestors. They will also tell you about ticket prices they will say if they are too low or too high.

There are different DLC you can get for the game which is the Africa pack, the southeast Asia animal pack, the aquatic pack, the Australia pack, the south America pack, the arctic pack, and the deluxe upgrade pack. In these packs, you can get different animals and enclosures, and places to build your zoo.

I like planet zoos because I love learning about different animals and love creating new and modernized parks”

Some tips I would give is :

  • If you get stuck check the help menu because there are good helpful notes in there.
  • If you need to quickly do something or Animal escapes don’t worry you can pause the zoo and fix everything.

Now, my big heads up if you have never played anything like this before is… there are lots to do, almost too much to do when you first start, but that shows you the level of detail of the game. There is a tutorial and I would do that, I realize most people skip through these types of things but with this game do it, and the other big hint for me would do Sandbox mode early on, this is a mode where you have everything and can place anything without the worry of money and objectives, etc, the reason is to say this is you will constantly get little tips and issues pop up on the side and this is your chance to find what’s wrong, pause and fix it whilst learning how to.

It could be overwhelming at first for some and I think younger kids would struggle when you first start, even I had to get my bearings at times, but that isn’t a knock on the game like I said it’s the pure detail of the game, with the DLC that’s been released you now have several options of those builds and animals, which might confuse you a little but it’s just giving you more choice.

If you follow the hints, the issues with what’s happening in the park then you will be fine, think like a zoo… I want to make a penguin Habitat, ok think barriers, size decorations temperature and then last the animal, if you were making west African Lions, again thing size (much bigger), barriers (much taller) temperature and decorations, but its lions, so you might want one male with females (think the wild), this is the level of detail they go, smaller exhibitions are the same, think what size, whats living it? snake, Spider? Iguana? ok, what temperature? whats there climate? and so forth. There are information guides for the animals both to help in the game but also a great educational tool. the rest makes the park operate, Vets, Staff Room, Security shops ATM scenery/Decorations around the park, etc.


Overall it’s a great game, and with the DLC this allows you more choice, we were focusing on the African expansion and the building and animals choice is fantastic, much like the other DLC, it really allows you to be as creative as you would like, it is challenging and you can try the modes out, the Sandbox is great for trial and being creative, but may not be the most challenging in comparison to the normal modes. If you’re new to these then it’s a learning curve, even if you’re used to playing these type games its a great game and you have to get familiar with it fast, but there is help and a lot of information, if you’re a fan of Zoo’s then this is perhaps the pinnacle of your Genre.

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Planet Zoo (WTDS)

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