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We all have things that are a little compulsive, some struggle with it more than others and there can be different levels of OCD, my closest to this is my time obsession, it’s extremely odd and can be a constant frustration and plays on my mind with watches and clocks.


Now I’ve worn a watch for a lot of life, even as a teenager at school I was keen on having one on, fast forward to work-life this continued as I would ensure I always had one on, but in reality, at the time I didn’t ever really pick up why I was always ensuring that I had watched on, and with moving into management I then used time a lot more, one of my things was to set deadlines, etc and use the time to manage both my time and others on daily and hourly bases, so this came naturally to me using time, etc.

But why?

However I noticed a few years ago that when the battery ran out on my watch, I left my watch at home or took it into the repair shop for a new battery, how much I actually look at the time, I would catch myself multiple times look down at my wrist and then trying to look for the time, now I don’t know if my mind accelerated this because it knew I didn’t have a watch there or if it’s simply that I look at the time so much that I didn’t even notice that I did, it would just come normal in my mind.

But it bothered me, I kept looking for it and so much so it would put me off, I would use a clock if I could see one, or the time on my pc, and modern-day I would use my phone far more, but nothing was the same, it did detract me still looking for that time and the watch.

Now the problem I have is I have a backup watch ready, I’m well aware of the time and all of the time, I’m searching for the time regularly, and I’m seeing myself doing this, it’s almost out of body experience seeing myself look at the watch or look at the time on one of the devices, I can’t stop it, I know I’m doing it and that need to know the time and know what I’m doing when is essential, now everything I do is time-based.

Even just chilling at home with the family I’m planning things at certain times, know when etc.. and being that person using hourly blocks or 30/15 minutes starter and stop points, never in between because that would annoy me, at this point, I know that I just have to go with it, but it’s frustrating.

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