My Top 5 Super Hero Films | Non-Marvel

Super Hero films through the years have been up and down in popularity to say the least,  from B movies to cheesy ones, to spoofs, to big-budget flops and mega record-breaking movies, they have seen it all, but in reality, over the last 15 years those more successful ones have been Marvel ones, and I talked about those in another Top 5. If we put on the Marvel one’s to the side, what are my Top Super Hero films that arent Marvel?

Super Hero Films are one of my favourite Categories, and I remember 20 years ago thinking to myself, how is there not a decent big-budget Superhero film, I enjoyed superhero programs and cartoons when I was younger but I was waiting for some, and finally we got it, and it would be tough looking at those Super Hero films that aren’t Marvell because for me many of those were great.


When it came out in 2009 I kind of missed it, I don’t know how and why but I didn’t really see much about it or visit the Cinema, which is odd as I was going fairly regularly with friends, but I did, however, I did finally managed to watch it on DVD round friends one night, and since then I was hooked,

I loved the film, the way it was done was so different to what had been done, and it was far more of a grown-up style comic book film, and that was it, it was more of a comic book film than the glitz and flasher Superhero film, the music was great and the actors were excellent, it’s one of my favourite superhero films in general.

Mystery men

Its kind of a superhero film, you could argue none of them is a superhero, but in 1999 I thought this film was great, it did horribly at the cinema and was a box office bomb, its silly, over the top, and goes against the superhero rules, but that was the point, I think many missed it, it was about average joe type people trying to make a difference to the world without being an actual superhero,

I think coming at the end of the ’90s where batman and others were down that silly comic route that had gone so bad meant it was probably doomed, a different time and different era it would do better, I think its criminally underrated and with a solid cast.

Dark Knight

Now as many of you remember Batman Dark Knight trilogy remade Batman into being acceptable and cool, a couple of animated films showed an even darker version and they were good, but for me, this was a better experience, Batman Begins did well and was a good take in it, no more over the top silly batman, no more 60’s classic version, more up to date realistic set in the really world type, with believable story and characters,

However Batman Dark knight took it to another level, and this was massive in pop culture, Heath Ledges version of the Joker is brilliant and for many still the best (debate coming),  this film is tremendous, it’s well written well portrayed and was so clever and twisted on classic Batman characters, Heath Ledger deserved the praise for his performance, even Joaquin Phoenix said it,

It still makes me sad to this day that Heath never saw his masterpiece in the worldwide public, he was a great actor, this film is one of my favourites in any genre, and one of those few that I will watch any time anywhere. Batman Rises was rubbish…..take Bane out of it, and it was the complete reversal of quality.


Hoorah DC can do a modern-day Super Hero film as good as Marvel! I’m harsh but Dc for me are terrible at their big-budget films, with the exception of a couple these more mainstream classic DC characters like Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Shazam, Green Lantern etc… have all been generally done poorly, but this was great,

It was more modern, funny, action and showed that it can be done when I saw this with the kids I was really pleased that this was far better than I thought going into it, there’s hopefully a sequel and he could be entering the DC universe if they can finally and get going on a cohesive story and universe


I’ll be honest I debated this having it on the list, it’s a fantastic film, Joaquin Phoenix is brilliant and he and the film deserved Oscars etc, the one thing I liked about this over others is you could watch this and have no previous point of reference about Batman, joker, or anything, it could have been nothing to do with the DC story, and so little is referenced and that’s in a good way, it’s more of dramatic thriller film, that a superhero, thus the hesitation to put it in the list, but it deserves praise.


I do have DC films on the list, I get it, and improbably being harsh for DC but I get some frustrated with their films, you watch one you get into it a little then, nope sorry new films, new direction etc… it gets exhausting, I don’t mind Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and hopefully Justice league retweak, but I know what’s going to happen…what’s the point? the story doesn’t go from one to the next and it will have new actors, I really hope I’m wrong.

However that aside the list and the below list shows quiet a varied list of films, which you look at Marvel you could argue it’s all a bit same, and the worrying part this is with Disney it could be even worse going forward, these other films have generally been good though, there aren’t many top quality ones but when they do, and the films go right, it’s fantastic.

A few different alternative titles that could have made my list.

Kick Ass | It showed something different and possible be on my list.

Wonder Women | It is one of the better Modern DC films.

Superman | Original is great and I think it deserves the recognition because Christoper Reeve was brilliant.

Hellboy | I actually really love these films, and I hope there’s a third (ignoring the remake)

Crow | A pop culture phenomenon. Batman Returns | Michael Keaton was a great Batman, this film when I was young was awesome.

Aquaman | It’s ok, it’s a little Thor-like, which annoys me a little, and I hope they continue this story Arc

Sin City | Its a film Noir more than a super hero TBH, but the first one i loved


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