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Table Table is part of the restaurant and entertainment group that includes, Brewers Fare, Beef Eaters, Premier inns etc, this restaurant is based near the Norfolk Showground in Norwich, it has a premier inn attached but is also in a prime sport for any events at the Norfolk showground.

What is a Table Table?

Table Table is the franchise that is often attached to premier inns across the country, its normally either this or Brewers Fare, sometimes a Beef Eater, they can differ in their options in price and food. This for me meant that Table Table was the middle of the road of the three, good price good food, it was the cheapest but also not as expensive compared to some of those more grill type places. This review was at the end of many of the Covid restrictions so your visitors could change based on movement guidelines at the time.

This is one of the closest restaurants and have sampled a few things off the menu, but there are a couple of things I like the most about it, their menu changes for seasonal reasons, sounds silly but some places always stay the same, and this allows you to try something different. the other is there offers on food, for example, its a good option for lunch with there 2 for £8.99, compare it to many other what seems to be cheaper places, its actually cheaper here and you get more food, you can also bolt-on starter and/or dessert for a reduced cost.


We have had a 2 for £8.99 a few times and these often include a fish, burger, grill, and little extra special, I would highly recommend the fish and chips, but if you are a burger fan etc then there are good options. However there are some good choices on there, same for desert and starters, many of peoples favourites, again I would recommend the potato skins and Brownie, but the selection is sound.

As for the normal menu, the big change over the last couple of years is the shift towards similar food to Brewers faire and vice versa, there’s a good and bad here with maybe a more affordable option but also perhaps the loss of some more higher-end items. Put that to the side and the choice is still good, starters like earlier I would recommend the Potato skins, the amount and state are solid, also the wings which you can increase in size is a good sharer, but check the menu out at the time for different seasonal options.


Some Mains

The mains has much more focus, the grill includes steaks, chicken and rib combo, and some platters, like mixed grill and chicken platter. These are all a little pricey but you get a to on the plate for those bigger appetites it’s worth a purchase, for me the mixed grill is often one of my favourites. For many burgers are often a choice and there are a small number of different options like Mac n cheese, chicken, bacon etc.. Boo tried the Double stack burger, which if we are honest is a take on a Big Mac but restaurant syle. You can choose different potatoes options like most of the meals, including sweet potatoes fries or sales etc.

With the rest of the mains, there are more classic options, like Lasagne, Curry, Yorkshire pudding, Gammon, Pies etc but as I mentioned earlier there will be some seasonal options, which can add a little difference, likewise there vegetarian option can also be good to try. I had the Fish and Chips, which was flavoured in Doom bar batter, this is a big plate and as fish goes it was very nice, a really filling plate.

Desserts anyone?

With Desserts, this also can slightly change, especially Sundaes as they will often have 1 or 2 that are themed, like Cadburys etc. Same for some of their normal desserts as these can change. Their selection isn’t huge but there will be some classics in there with Sticky Toffy, a Crumble, Brownie, etc.

I enjoy a Sticky Toffee Pudding with custard, and it was nice, not in a bowl though or another custard lol, but that’s a personal choice. As for Boo, she enjoyed an Eaton mess Sundae, unfortunately, it wasn’t a great showing with large pieces of meringue and cream making it look more than it actually was with big gaps.


Compared to other Table Tables it’s busy, and a nice comfortable place to eat, the service has generally been good in the past but like most places when it’s busy it can differ. As for the food, I would say that we have mostly enjoyed the meals, even these ones on this review day were fine, the desert for Boo let it down, mine was nice.

My fish and chips were lovely and looked a full meal, as for Boo’s burger, the double-stack style big mac ESC burger was good and bit different, however, I would normally recommend the grills for me, though the seasonal stuff is worth trying should you see something different from time to time. As a pub-style restaurant you know what your getting, the price is fine though offers are with looking at, and you can get a good meal.

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