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Shreks Adventure is based on the popular Shrek franchise along with other Dreamworks animation films. Including King fu panda, Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon but centres around the Shrek world. It’s in London near the London Eye and Sealife centre. 

All of us as a family have watched all of these films, Tigger in particular likes the how to train your dragons and Kung Fu Panda, Piglet has begun watching these films on Netflix and sky etc. So she understands these characters and thought it would be a good day experience. Being Merlin pass holders we could utilise this and attend.

We booked a time knowing roughly what time we could be there as we knew it would be extremely busy. Most of these London attractions in the middle of the day are always busy and didn’t want the kids to be disappointed if we turned up and couldn’t get in

It begins with Shreks Adventure

So after sorting out our tickets after arriving, we made our way through the initial entry, through themed corridors, lift, baggage area (where we left our pushchair as you cannot take them further) and queued up to have our picture taken. Most merlin based attractions have this now at the beginning. Without Shrek ears that we had picked up, we thought why not.

 After this, we gathered in a holding area while a group was formed, and the gentleman went through theatrically the rules, can use cameras etc.. and what was happening. We then went to see Princess Fiona which was the first actress interaction, We then all made our way on the flying bus with some 3d glasses, this was like a 4d cinema with interaction and a screen wrapping front and sides. ( I won’t spoil the point of the story so it will be a little vague) 

The Advenure

After the brief film with multiple different characters from the Dreamworks films appearing. We then proceeded on with the story visiting rooms to solve the adventure. Each room had a point of what we needed to do as a group to get back home, set in parts of the Shrek films. The main bad guy was Rumpelstiltskin along with witches, but for us, we had characters like Donkey, puss in boots, Pinocchio, via digital displays.

The actors in each room were entertaining and interacted with the group, after each room we had to take something with us, so they would choose people to interact with, some Kids some Adults. 

At the end of the adventure (again won’t spoil story) we then get an opportunity to take a picture with shrek which the kids did. The next part was all about taking pictures for ourselves. As no pictures and recording had been allowed Until this point. The kids all took pictures with the displays around the rooms. I thought the how to train your dragon display was nice. 

Once this is done you can then purchase pictures you did earlier, then up the lift to the gift shop. This has all the Dreamworks characters and merchandise, in the grand schemes of things, not super expensive but the price you would expect at an attraction in London. 

Our Thoughts

You can make this last 90 minutes plus, and for the kids, it’s a great interaction, if you not a fan of actors up close and personal like that then maybe not a great for you. Same with Dreamworks, if you don’t really appreciate any of the films especially Shrek then it’s definitely not for you. But for the family like us who does like them, then it’s great, the scenes are good, interaction is great, the digital Screens makes it personal to what your doing.

All 3 kids enjoyed it and they are completely different age groups. Piglet loved it as she had never seen the characters up close, but she was not in a photo mood, luckily the other two participated. But as an overall experience, it’s different and good, worth doing at least once if you’re a fan. 



  1. 25 May 2019 / 5:50 am

    Hey! Great review. We loved Shrek’s adventure too. I only brought my two older kids though so we’ll have to go back with my youngest when he’s old enough to not be scared of the dark bits! Only trouble is we no longer have the Merlin pass! #totstravel

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