Some Favourite Things to do on the Weekend

If weekends with your family are becoming a bit samey, you might need some new inspiration to freshen things up. It’s amazing the difference a new activity can make, even if you don’t feel like it at first. Below you can find five ideas to get you thinking about new activities with the family.   


Family Bike Ride 

Cycling is an excellent mode of transport, it’s very convenient and eco-friendly for commutes to the office, but cycling is also a nice hobby. Cycling was originally invented as a pastime, and it’s still a pleasant way to spend a day with the family on the weekends, exploring the local area. 

Make sure you all have adequate bikes and protective gear like helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads. It might seem like a lot to wear, but it makes all the difference in the event of a fall. Cycling around the local area is a great way to give your family some exercise and connect with them.  

Nature Walks 

If cycling isn’t your thing, you might prefer a nature walk. Nature walks can take place anywhere, even in a local park. Studies show that walking in nature reduces stress and activates neurochemicals in the brain, so there’s a reason why nature makes us feel so good. 

Give your family the gift of nature this fall with a walk in the wilderness. Autumn is one of the best times for a nature walk, the air is sharp and fresh, and there is an abundance of colours on the hillside. Why not try foraging with your family as well? Look for chestnuts and mushrooms.  

Local Hikes 

Nature walks might be enough for a family on the weekend, but if you want something a little more challenging, then find a local hill and head out for a hike. Hiking is like a nature walk, but it’s a little more off-track. A local hike also requires more exertion; you will need some fitness. 

If you head out for a hike with your family, there are a few things to remember. Always bring water with you to replenish your lost perspiration. Also, bring snacks; oat cakes are a good form of slow-release energy. Finally, tell people where you’re going and when to expect you back.   

Weekends Away 

If you like to get out of the neighbourhood and explore the local area, there’s no better way than with a short break in your campervan. Campervan holidays don’t have to last for weeks; one of the great things about having a family campervan is the ability to head off whenever you please. 

One of the best campervans you can find is a Volkswagen one. Because they are so well designed and stylish, they can be quite expensive to buy; that said, there is always a chance you will find a bargain at used Volkswagen cars, the best place to buy VW vans and cars locally. 

Weekends Home 

If a weekend away doesn’t take your fancy, what about a weekend home? Weekends at home can be just as enjoyable, especially when you have a cool video game to complete. Why not let yourselves go and order your favourite fast food? You can work it off through the week.


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