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Its School Return!, Tigger is the boy in the middle, he’s the quiet one, reserved, cautious, and just gets on with, in a house surrounded by girls we team up, but at school, its a big year, and for us as parents, it’s weird to think that are little special boy will soon be a high school.

School Return

He’s a little different

As I’ve detailed before in other posts Tigger is very different from the girls, he’s a lot quieter, pedantic almost OCD, he struggles with emotions at times, and generally just gets his head down and gets on with, let alone his fussiness with food and other bits.

However with school he’s generally a smart boy, he struggles to communicate at times with the teacher or people, with issues or difficulties, etc, this concerns me as he begins to get older and will be faced with more challenges, both socially at school and school work. But he is a clever boy he excels in maths and reading, he loves to read and we keep it going with him alongside the other things he enjoys at home.

He now heads to the final year of primary school, I recently talked about approaching the teenage years and its definitely happening, this year will be that step up, I hope he grows up a little as I will be worried for him at high school, so this year may be his last in primary school but for me it’s building his confidence up, improving his communication etc.

I’m currently less worried about him academically as he’s fairly on the ball with most subjects, id like him to be more sporty and physically get involved more at school but I get he’s not that type of boy, so it’s fine.

The Final year

I’m hoping his network of friends improves as well, but I think he may need to wait for high school to start again, high school is often a reset for some or at the least a swap around of friends, I think he needs it, but as for this year he can power through and enjoy his year, Work hard and step up in his own planning and organizing in his school work and scheduling.

Whereas Roo was quite independent at times, Tigger is not and this is another thing he needs to work on, and as I raised in that teenager post recently this feels like the age of change and I’m fully aware he will be further along in a years time in his changing time.


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