Tigger and His Scientific Brain + Giveaway

Tigger and His Scientific brain, Tigger is an intelligent boy, and as he has continued to grow up, you could see his type of smartness. He approaches things methodically and scientifically, which can be logical but also frustrating for him. This provided extra challenges but the way his brain works is something that helps him.

Tigger and His Scientific Brain

He’s Pedantic

I’ve talked about before that he can be quite pedantic, almost OCD in the way he approaches things, this can be tough for him to deal with, but he also can struggle with his emotions and being able to deal with things. That’s just who he is but there are benefits to some of this.

School Work

Whether he’s doing school work, playing at home, or even playing on the computer he likes the challenge I’ve been able to figure things out. In his school work you can see that he does well at subjects that are more challenging on his brain, don’t get me wrong all subjects are in their own way, but if you take maths, he’s very good at it and you can see him working it out, same with science.

Tigger and His Scientific Brain

Both these subjects really taxed that brain, his methodical logical approach though allowed him to really push himself, and it’s the way he does it. At-home games, activities etc.. are something he does very well at, same for Lego, he likes and can do those more challenging builds because of logical steps.


The same goes for his Computer games, there are some that he plays that are that simple relief of entertainment, but then there are some genres and games that you can see he enjoys because its the challenge of working it out, solving the issue and completing what he needed to do. With his Ipad he plays similar games, those brain puzzle games etc. even with a Roblox he likes the puzzle-solving parts of it.

Tigger and His Scientific Brain

Off to High School

As he enters high school, I’m actually excited and anticipating what he will be doing, the step up in a challenge with new subjects and the ability to perhaps pull away from a more generic teaching classroom where it caters to all students. I worry about how he deals with the emotions and if he gets too challenged what will he do with that, but from a logical brain point of view? I think he will be fine.

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