Roo the Baker

Roo at a younger age enjoyed baking, she liked to be involved whether it was a school or with us in the kitchen, as she has got older she has enjoyed being more of a baker and trying new baking techniques, let alone at her high school where she does even more baking, it’s one of those that hobbies shes enjoyed and stuck with her.

We Love Cake

In our house with love cakes, with only Tigger who is a Fussy easter isn’t too fussed about cakes, he’s happy with Cookies but is a little limited, however, for the rest, it’s one of the things we like. A whole assortment of cakes and bakes and to be honest I could probably write a post on just that lol, so over the years the desire to have cakes or to bake in the house has always been there.

I wouldn’t say that I’m an excellent baker but I can follow instructions and hold my own…king off, Boo has done a fair few bakes in her past due to the type of schools when she was younger, so much so that she has kept certain books and recipes from years gone by, as family life happens though having time to bake was limited over the years, with only a hand full of baking times.

With Roo getting older though we decided to get her to bake at home more, we first used the packet and box pre-measured recipes boxes like Betty Crockett, personally, I think these boxes and packets are excellent because they are a great way to introduce people and kids to baking, with everything pre-measured and often just the liquid to add like milk, water or egg etc, even cookie mixtures are fantastic, but with Roo this really helped her learning measurements mixers etc without the overall worry of starting from scratch.

As we moved forward we had the opportunity t pick up the Tefal Cake Factory, the idea of these as I have detailed in a previous blog is to baking certain recipes and certain sizes, the idea of it is solid and for baking its a solid sustained heat, which is crucial for baking, Ovens can lose heat and can be inefficient with energy etc, whereas the Cake Factory does both.

For Roo this helped her taking the pre-measured boxes etc and her own recipes into a more comfortable easier method and the results came out excellent, it is limited on mass quantities but that is not what it’s designed for and with roo it’s fine.

Next Step

The next step for Roo has been her taking on bigger challenges using both the oven and cake factory, but with her taking catering in high school she’s learning to use the oven more, as obviously at school she doesn’t have one lol, but in reality there we new things that she’s trying because of school that doesn’t fit or work in it, recently she made Portuguese custard tarts for example, which were lovely… but shes began to push herself with design.

With that being said she has been making savoury dishes and meals in that same class but she enjoys the baking side of it, shes cranched into decorating cakes, cupcakes etc while trying different things like Cheesecakes and bread.

She likes to bake fairly regularly and has that methodical approach to the basic while trying t be a little creative, I wouldn’t be surprised if she applies for a bake-off at some point, and why not if she keeps improving. I was even impressed that she arrange baking sessions with her friends while they all zoomed and compared. Let’s be honest these style cooking skills are good to have especially as she approaches the later teenage years where she will be finishing school and moving into her adult life, and I’m so pleased this is something she loves to do.


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