What are you watching this Halloween 2022?

With it being October and for some the best time of the year as they love Halloween, the question on film watches minds will be, What am I’m watching this Halloween? If you’re like me I do enjoy Halloween style films, whether they be Family or Horror, but I actually tend to keep these for October, it adds to the excitement a fun of it all, it also rotates my film watch much like I do for Xmas, in which I November and December are those months.


This year in 2022 no doubt will be slotting Halloween films into their daily or weekly watch. As for me, I looked at the 5 films I need to watch this year, hopefully, I will watch more than this but it’s an ever-changing year lol, but what are they? what will the whole family be watching? as we like to sit down for a little family time.

IT / IT 2

So for me this is the best Halloween/horror films of the last few years, I did enjoy the original but in reality, the recent two have been excellent, it has that Stranger things, classics 80’s vibe, and the casting of the second one was a surprisingly high class for a Horror film, most people dislike most remakes over the years, but generally this is highly praised.

Addams Family

I grew up watching both films, and they are fantastic, they provide me with fond memories, but the kids have also grown up on them and also love them, this year it was the first films they said they wanted to watch, it has a fantastic cast and still for me will always be those characters.


I’ll be honest I could watch this anytime, but based on its theme I’ve put it into my Halloween month, it was one of my favourite films growing up and now I’m older I appreciate it far more, especially Michael Keaton’s performance, it’s brilliant and I can’t undersell how could this film is, if for some weird reason you haven’t watched it you should.


I didn’t watch this when the first film came out, this was modern-day film remake of the old stories etc, but my kids did and they loved it, fast forward the second one came out and I went to the cinema with them, it was good and I could see for a family horror film its good, and again this is one of the ones that the kids named straight away.

Hocus Pocus

Is this the best family Halloween film? I think in our house it is, its the one that is always wanted, its Boo’s favourite and even for me its become than yearly tradition, as for the kids they do enjoy it. I’m going to predict this is still most peoples family Halloween film, the cast is solid and the witches are memorable, with Bette Midler excellent.


I am hoping to watch more but ultimately I might be a bit limited, however with film nights planned with the kiddies then we will certainly do those, I’m looking forward to watching IT, last year I managed to squeeze in some random horror films via Sky or Netflix, so what will jump out this year, last year the new Halloween film was fine and I got round to watching Happy death day…urm interesting.

Other ones that might make the watch? well more for me.

Cabin in the woods

Evil Dead


White Noise



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