The Zog Walk at High Lodge!

The Zog walk is based on the Zog dragon story from Julia Donaldson’s and Axel Scheffler’s picture book. There was an animated version on TV following the success from the previous books and animated films, Gruffalo, stick man, Room on the Broom. The walk we attended takes place at High Lodge in Thetford forest. 

High Lodge

We have been to high Lodge before and aware of how the parking worked and what’s available to do there and did our prep. There are toilets (priority for us after the journey) cafe and the information centre, with car parking machines next to it.

There are many activities to do there and would recommend combining different things to make a day out of it. We saw several people bring dogs, bikes, all sorts. Alongside Go Ape, other trails and adventure areas dotted around the area there’s plenty to add. 

We set off into the Forrest…

The information desk has activity packs that you can purchase and do along the Zog walk, it includes a mask, pencils, stickers etc. For me there are two ways you can approach the walk, you can slowly go round taking in the activities as you follow the trail. There are play areas and plenty of things to look at, you could make the trial last a while.

Or you can whizz around the main trail and then at the end work out what you want to do next. Personally, I think it’s based on the family, it’s easy to walk around fast but perhaps not for a very young one, you can use a pushchair or carry it but that’s might point it’s up to you. Depending on how you want to approach it but it is tiring, especially if you’re carrying at points or pushing a pushchair so bear that in mind. 

As we began the walk it was great to see the Gruffalo child still there from before (previous walk),  he was asleep on the side and Piglet spotted him, Roo and Tigger also joined. We followed the signs with the multi-colour Dragons from the Book.

We did stop at various points to do the play areas. Piglet, in particular, loved the tunnels as for Roo she was in her element, she might be older now, but she still loves to climb and do all the activities. She loves a spider climb, every place we go to she always wants to do it. Tigger though is nervous, through the years he’s been wary of all of these types of activities, unlike roo and the Fearless Piglet. However, all three did parts of the spider climb and for me and Boo a scary but momentous occasion.

There are other unique activities like the high climbing area and slides, Zipline,  as well as a platform thing that moves (not the best description lol), these are all located along the walk as you follow the signs of the Zog dragons. 

My Thoughts…

In my summary of the trail it’s good, High Lodge itself Is a great place to visit if you like the outdoors activities. If you are fan of the Zog Story then you will enjoy it, and with those activities the children will be kept busy as you walk around. As that’s the danger, they could get bored and find it tiresome so plan a little with stops.

Similar to footwear and clothing, you in a forest, it might be cold or get warm, it could be really muddy. So plan appropriate footwear and drinks, we decided to wear wellies because of the rain the night before, and even though the ground was dry on the way to it, the walk was still wet as it was in the forest. The toilets are clean but far away so again plan, and for a busy day it’s a big queue to complete your car park ticket, plus it might be an added walk back to the car subject to wear you park.

We parked in the additional car park which meant an extra walk, which wouldn’t be so bad if we hadn’t walked for a while. But as I said it’s a good day out and you can make the most of it, and take as long as you want do the Walk. 



  1. 25 April 2019 / 1:22 pm

    High Lodge is a great family day out, it’s wonderful that they partner with the Julia Donaldson books to offer trails for the children to explore

  2. 4 June 2019 / 9:04 pm

    Looks like a fun family day out, we love `Julia Donaldson books in our house so if we were ever in that part of the world I would definitely take visit.

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