Diary From A Dad | January 2024

Diary From a Dad, I look at what happened in our family life as each month goes by, with School, Work, outings, and general family life many challenges face us, but how do we get through the month and what happens? This month we look at January 2024! a month of new beginnings and let’s be honest the long dull month of the year.


It is that month, for some its that month where they are excited, trying new things, starting ideas, plans, self-goals etc.. for others it’s a long boring month, gloomy, and often no money as you are waiting for that payday at the end of the month after spending so much at Xmas time. For us we were somewhere in the middle, it’s our quietest month of the year for activities, days out, work etc..so it is a little bit boring.

It settles down

However after a bit of a frantic second half of the year with moving and being autumn and Christmas business with birthdays etc..we were looking at how this year would start, with Boo second job announced to be coming to an end, she will look to what she will be doing in the future, already a bump in the road as we started the year. But in reality, over the next couple of months, she can decide what she wants to do as shes in a much better place now to decide and see what’s out there.

Roo’s Exam

As for Roo, she was continuing her Sixth formwork, slowly working out what she wanted to do, while also starting to apply for jobs out there to go along with her education. But this month saw the results of he resit in her English GCSE, she did fine in them but didn’t quite get the number grade that she wanted and would help her in the future, feeling so close to it she decided to redo it before Xmas, fortunately.

This time she got the grade she wanted, and actually was even closer to get the next one up but in reality, we weren’t that worried about the next grade up, just that she go what she wanted…her reward a Roast dinner lunch at a restaurant we don’t go to that much.

Annual Ikea trip

Boo, and I had our annual trip to Ikea, we normally do this in December time, maybe go to Lakeside with the kids as well, but over the last few years because of the age of the kids we have been able to go together on our own, with the delays etc we decided to go in January this time.

We are those Ikea people, most of our furniture and storage is from them, so its always a big occasion for us, and we slowly build a shopping list as we go, while taking the opportunity for that visit. This time we focused a bit more on Storage, with the recent move etc we have paused a little on any furniture changes and upgrades. We had a cheeky meal at the local Brewers Fayre near Ikea before making the journey back.

Counting down

Overall though we didn’t really do that much, the girls went to the Cinema, I had one of those gross hot milkshakes from Costa, I could go on a rant about it. But in reality, we were counting down to February when it all starts again.


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