Lego 76131 | Avengers Compound Battle

Lego 76131, Avengers Compound Battle is a Marvel set focusing on the film Avengers Endgame and depicts Thanos and co battling with the Avengers etc, (no spoiler), it contains 699 pieces which includes 6 minifgures and a Nano fig of Antman, its Retail prices of £89.99 features a building, Car and Helicopter.

As ever we love Marvel and their films especially, with all the Marvel sets out there I’m always focused on getting the film versions for us over perhaps getting every single one that’s produced, this was one of the Avenger Endgame sets to build and to be honest they have been a bit up and down, I’ve not loved the series of sets so what would Tigger and I think of this one? well, he took the lead on this and I helped a little when he was on a break, the design of the set ultimately is easy for a competent builder, and a child is fine with it in reality.


This is generally the same standard Iron man over the last few, with the pop-up visor and the standard red and yellow design, I’m surprised there’s no red and silver nano esc as per the film, and actually it doesn’t make sense there no white suit version, as per the parts of the film, he has his blue clear pieces for display and play.


Well, for me the most disappointing part of the set, he’s the stand oversized Hulk figure, which is fine as this tends to be the case, but again much like Ironman, he’s not ina white suit? and actually his hair and look should be different, this a hugely missed opportunity for a rare set of the hulk, and add value tot he set.


He like hulk is an oversize figure which is great and it shows his size compared to the film etc, the version of Thanos has changed over the years and I do prefer the newer one, this time he has a hammer with him, and not his blade, again not exactly accurate, it’s a shame they didn’t do an armour version as this should be one of the last films sets he’s in.

Captain Marvel

This is the more recent version of her, she has changed several times over the years in figure design and she has become a bigger character in the world of Marvel, the accessories are great, they are often used for these type of heroes like Thor, Ironman etc.. good for display and play, the only big issue is I would have liked her to have a different hair, but maybe we will see that in the future.


At last a white suit Hero! she was one of the ones missing so far in my collection and I’m pleased they have her in, the only slightly odd thing is she doesn’t have a weapon, but the design f the set sees her more in the vehicles so that’s fine, again I love the white suits and they look great again.


We have a Nano Antman, they do look fun and its good to see them still being utilised for him, and if you didn’t get it before in a previous Avengers set, then it’s great to get it now, and its in the white, suit and its super frustrating that there isn’t a normal Minifigures of him, but if your collection the series you will have a white suit version in the War buster set.


As I’ve detailed before these and the Chitauri are the generic Army figure of the Marvel world currently, if you’re doing a display of battles etc you can’t get enough, in reflection id love set where you get 8 or 10 with just a carrier, much like drones on Starwars, this would help displays, but the figure is good with the black and gold design, ultimately this is the design they went with right at the beginning and the stuck with it.


The set has two generic style vehicles, very similar if not the same that’s been done a few times across the branding of Lego, but its no harm having them branded in Avengers, the compound has changed in thought process a couple of times from the beginning it was a big compound with several people working and the avengers were there.

Now it’s just a home for just them, so perhaps its a little confusing but I like the idea of having the vehicles to use for workers, or even used by Hawkeye, Falcon Antman etc…but the car is fine, a double studded shooter on top with the colours that match the Avengers design.


Much like the car again its fine to have in the set, the front has a six loaded shooter for play etc, with space for one in the cockpit, its a small attack helicopter thus no others can fit in it, it also has a blue design with stickers to carry the branding.


Now before I go into a rant, let’s just look at the build normally, its split into two sides linked with a bridge, one side is the garage and landing pad, this allows for display and storage of the vehicles, a door that slides up and a barrier is for the car, which does fit in, you would be surprised how many sets have the vehicle not actually fit in properly, there’s a little tool rack on the side and this is finished off with a Radar and Turret for defence, its colours are white, with blue and great and the odd avenger’s sticker.

The other side has two floors, with glass panels and door encasing both floors on the front with the rear open, that’s often done in these half building designs, so you can play etc, the ground floor has a computer but the main part here is the side container with lasers etc, holding the Infinity Gauntlet, and a couple of stones, I don’t know why two? its playstyle allows you to turn and release the glove while you can turn and have this still locked away.

The top floor has a meeting area with table and some chairs, the door is also here leading across the walkway, on the roof is a bigger rotating shooter launcher, with blue shots, this is great as it adds more defensive-minded elements,  the open glass windows from earlier look much better on this floor as they are angled out attempting to do a slight curve, again its the building is white with blue and grey, the avenger’s tickers are present again.


Well,  if you haven’t watched the film, and bought this for play value then it’s fine, its a little pricey with £89.99 for about 700 pieces, but you have a building, 2 vehicles, 6 Minifigures etc. so for a complete play in mind its ok, though I would look for it to be cheaper, if you have seen the film and you’re bothered about the detail there are some issues, like the other sets in this range its almost like they haven’t seen anything about the film before the design, maybe just the 2-minute trailer and that’s it.

However there are some frustrations, hulk isn’t right, he doesn’t have hit white suit or a different look, Ironman isn’t in white, there’s, not Antman to compliment the Nano version, let alone a big version like the film, I would have liked a different version of Thanos, Captain Marvel’s hair isn’t right, and then there’s the building, it’s ok, but it looks like a generic Lego City Police building, with some avengers stickers on, the curve glass is ok but that’s also been done before in Lego City, I do realise when you look at the building in the film,

It would be difficult to do, certainly the scale but from a design for me, it’s forgettable, for play etc for Tigger it’s fine, so if you haven’t got many buildings and you love Marvel then they will like it.


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