Bubbles | A kid’s favourite + Giveaway

Most kids grew up and get to enjoy bubbles at some point, and for young children, they are often one of the best things to see. For Piglet she is one of those children that has always been fond of Bubbles and will get excited when she sees them.

Bubbles | A kids favourite

We all love Bubbles

If we are honest growing up we all loved bubbles, and even throughout the years whenever you saw a child, whether they’re your kids or not, they would get excited at the sight of bubbles. The number of journeys out, school runs or functions I would see bubbles and kids getting excited and trying to get to them.

I couldn’t explain it but there seems to be that urge to pop the bubble, all kids seemingly have that urge to pop it as they float, Piglet is no different and will often see it and want to pop it. The pure enjoyment and excitement are just amazing, you can see it on their faces, to be that young and just completely be happy and playing with bubbles with no care in the world, it’s just great to see.

Bubbles | A kids favourite


As technology has moved on there are now lots of different ways to create and play with bubbles, when I was young you would see a bubble and be amazed, kids still are now, but they are lots more familiar with how there made. But when I was young I would see them naturally when something like a bath or washing up etc would generate it, then there was the classic bubble maker, dunk and blow through the hole.

Now you can of course get the classic dunk and blow, but you can buy machines, toys and ways to create small, lots of bubbles, all the way up to big ones and over-the-top delight for kids. In the summertime, this can be a great activity to complete in an open space giving kids the chance to run around chasing a variety of bubbles.

Bubbles | A kids favourite

Even the small ones that you can shoot out of bubble guns are great fun and can help the day’s fun with lights and repetitive bubbles shooting out, automated ones can allow you to leave it dispensing them as the kids enjoy the bubbles.

Ultimately it’s one of the most simple and oldest ways for the kids to have fun, and let’s be honest we all still love to see and pop bubbles, for piglet she loves them and I’m pretty sure this will last a while.

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